South Jordan

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  • W 10400 S & S 3200 W South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    I am writing about the north/south lights at 11400 south and 10400 south (South Jordan Parkway). When traveling north and south, these lights are a long wait. It does not matter the time of day or weekends, they are a long wait. Even on nights after 9:30PM, the wait time is the same and they are not weighted or timed based on need. This is the same issue early in the morning and late at nights. In the morning, it takes me more than 5 minutes to get from the 11400 south light through the 10400 (South Jordan Parkway) south lights. Please look at this and see if there can be an adjustment to these two stop lights.
    Thank you so much for looking into this.
    Doug Johnson
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    Mountain View Corridor South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Trash on the sides of the road and in the field between roads
  • 11323-11399 S Redwood Rd South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    Bangerter Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Trash is piling up in a corner of a fence that lines the highway
  • Camera Outage Archived
    9743–9769 Bangerter Hwy South Jordan 84095, United States - South Jordan
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    East Veterans Memorial Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Trash is collecting along the freeway