South Jordan

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  • Signage Archived
    South Jordan UT - South Jordan
    I was headed southbound on Redwood Rd. this morning and when I got to 9800 S. it was unclear whether or not the lane that was shifted into the left-hand turn lane was required to turn east onto 9800 S or if they could continue straight. The north-bounders were still using all two of their northbound lanes and their left-hand turn westbound onto 9800 S. This was causing southbound traffic to be forced to merge into one lane in the middle of the intersection because they were unable to continue south due to the northbound traffic blocking the left-hand turn where they were shifted. I hope that makes sense.
  • Rough Road Acknowledged
    11400 Bangerter Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Very rough road when traveling through intersection. Literally watched a car catch air and nearly hit the west side barrier this morning. Speed limit says 50mph, but this is way too fast through this intersection. The crews dug up parts of the road and the patching is very uneven. Very unsafe, especially at 50mph. No signage for rough road or bumpy road. People are flying through at the posted speed limit and struggling to maintain control. See near misses daily.
  • W 10400 S & Bangerter Hwy South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    Trying to get through the light going eastbound on 10400 South across Bangerter in the morning is so frustrating! I live in Daybreak and the traffic gets backed up 2 lights back to 4000 West with very little movement through the green lights because the light at Bangeter only lets through about 10 cars per green light and there are cars coming in from side streets adding to the back up. It has been taking 15-20 minutes to get across Bangerter in the morning, then traffic flows normally once across Bangerter. Please allow the light on 10400 South at Bangerter to stay grren longer to let more traffic through.
  • 683 W South Jordan Pkwy South Jordan 84095, United States - South Jordan
    I question the need for the NB right turn to only be allowed with the green arrows. There is plenty of sight distance to allow right turn on red even with the dual right turn lanes. There are other dual right intersections in the state that allow for right turn on red.
  • Pothole Archived
    1100 S Bangeter Hwy Salt Lake City, Utah - South Jordan
    maneater deep hole
  • 1800 Bangerter Hwy South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
    I know that signal timing is complicated. However, vehicles should not have to wait through 2 full light cycles (2:00+) to turn left off of Bangerter. As I am sure learned in transportation engineering 101, the longer people wait the more risk they are willing to take. I saw the motorcyclist in front of me turn left as the northbound light turned yellow because we were 'skipped'. A large southbound truck decided to run the yellow and almost collided with the motorcycle which most certainly would have been fatal. I have had this issue before, so I know it was not just the motorcycle not triggering a sensor. As to prevent similar incidents kindly review the timing.
  • 5600 W 11800 S South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
    The signal for lake Park is so sensitive that it breaks up the flow of north-south MVC traffic substantially. I tested the light coming West from Daybreak and right after the light had turned red, I pulled up, waited only 6 seconds, and the light was green. The same issue occurs at the next light south as well. Both of these intersections should be deprioritized for east west traffic and give priority to timed traffic flow on MVC.
  • Post to Neighbors Acknowledged
    724 Shields Lane South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Road backs up for hours every day because too many damn people using single lane neighborhood street to go east/west and rotten job of construction for several years on 10600 S and congestion on 90th onramp.
  • Signage Archived
    3401–3449 W South Jordan Pkwy South Jordan 84095, United States - South Jordan
    Eastbound lanes, need a no U-Turn sign for NB turn lanes. Traffic is building up and too many close calls are happening for those turning right to head to Bangeter.
  • South Jordan UT - South Jordan
    My friend is a crossing guard at 11400 S and 2700 W. I have witnessed her almost get hit on 3 separate occasions, as well as a group of students who very nearly were hit. What can we do to get flashing school zone lights on 11400 S for before and after school? Cars should not be going 45-50 on that road with kids trying to cross. We also need red left turn arrows. All of the accidents I've seen happen at that intersection during school crossing hours were from people turning left after the light was red and another person running the red light (this is turning left from 11400 onto 2700). The left turn lanes are not lined up well enough to see around cars in those lanes. We need to eliminate the option of yielding on green, and make it so you can only turn on a green arrow.
  • 11358 South Jordan Gateway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    The Left Turn light only stays green for approx 2-3 seconds, only allowing 2 cars to turn while it is green. This is causing more cars to try and "sneak through" on the yellow and red.
  • 10600 South Jordan Parkway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    You left a cone in the middle of a lane, forcing traffic to merge into one lane suddenly. Also, quit closing the left turn lanes near Mulligans. Makes it hard to get to work when you close those lanes with no warning whatsoever.