South Jordan

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  • Pothole Archived
    W 11400 S South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    East Bound, right lane on the West end of the bridge over Jordan River. It looks like the pothole is growing at the joint at the west end of the bridge.
    I ride a motorcycle and it's becoming a problem.
  • W 9800 S & S Redwood Rd South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    Traffic lights at Redwood RD and 9800 S. The Traffic light seems to be malfunctioning from its normal timing. The signal on 9800 S. Turns green and remains green even when there are no cars or pedestrians. It seems to have priority over the north south signal on Redwood. The north south remains green for less than 15 seconds while the East West remains green for over a minute with no traffic flowing east/west. My travel time through the intersection happens between 5:30-6:00 AM Thank you. David Anderson 801 694 2607 if you have any questions.
  • 9511 Newkirk Dr South Jordan, UT 84095, USA - South Jordan
    The lights at 9800 South and Bangerter don't allow southbound traffic enough time to get through during rush hour in the afternoon. the traffic on 9800 does not back up much at all compared to Bangerter.
  • Rough Road Acknowledged
    11400 Bangerter Highway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    Very rough road when traveling through intersection. Literally watched a car catch air and nearly hit the west side barrier this morning. Speed limit says 50mph, but this is way too fast through this intersection. The crews dug up parts of the road and the patching is very uneven. Very unsafe, especially at 50mph. No signage for rough road or bumpy road. People are flying through at the posted speed limit and struggling to maintain control. See near misses daily.
  • Ramp Meters Archived
    Veterans Memorial Highway Sandy, UT - South Jordan
    Not sure if you are aware but the metering lights for both south and north bound on ramps on 10600 South have not been turned on in the morning or the evening the last week or so, and this is causing some major traffic issues.
  • Graffiti Archived
    Mountain View Corridor Trail South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    There is blue graffiti on the silver box where the marker is
  • Bacchus Hwy Bingham Canyon, UT 84006, USA - South Jordan
  • 500 W 11400 S South Jordan, UT, 84095, USA - South Jordan
    Dead deer with Get Well Soon balloon tied to it.
  • 11358 South Jordan Gateway South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    The Left Turn light only stays green for approx 2-3 seconds, only allowing 2 cars to turn while it is green. This is causing more cars to try and "sneak through" on the yellow and red.
  • 10610 South Redwood Rd South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    The traffic light at 10610 South and Redwood Road often turns red for North and Southbound traffic without any other vehicles being present at the intersection - almost daily I will be stopped at this light attempting to travel North without any cross traffic.
  • South Jordan UT - South Jordan
    My friend is a crossing guard at 11400 S and 2700 W. I have witnessed her almost get hit on 3 separate occasions, as well as a group of students who very nearly were hit. What can we do to get flashing school zone lights on 11400 S for before and after school? Cars should not be going 45-50 on that road with kids trying to cross. We also need red left turn arrows. All of the accidents I've seen happen at that intersection during school crossing hours were from people turning left after the light was red and another person running the red light (this is turning left from 11400 onto 2700). The left turn lanes are not lined up well enough to see around cars in those lanes. We need to eliminate the option of yielding on green, and make it so you can only turn on a green arrow.
  • Striping Archived
    10651 Jerry Seiner Road South Jordan, Utah - South Jordan
    106th southbound on ramp. Two lanes of traffic merge before the meter light with no visual stripping or signage indicating the lanes are merging. Two lanes of traffic feed from 106th south west bound overpass and then combine into one and is improperly marked.