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  • 265 Willow St. New Haven, CT - East Rock
    VW bug Maryland license 988 BGB has been parked and never shoveled all winter. It is covered in snow from every storm. When one walks by one can see that its passenger window facing the street is open. Snow going in car. Abandoned auto?
  • There apparently used to be a crosswalk at Nicoll and Mitchell, but it has faded almost completely out of existence. How are people from East Rock supposed to access the playing fields or the school? By jaywalking? The crosswalks should be restored and pedestrian signage deployed in the street, like most other towns in the Northeast have. That would begin to bring the speeds down on this street, which is posted at 25mph but in reality has traffic speeds of 35-40 -- especially dangerous considering the limited visibility around some of the corners.
  • 131 Canner St New Haven, CT - East Rock

    last Friday, both my cars were towed from in front of my house. On Friday morning I heard heavy machinery nearby, which prompted me to head outside to check for street sweeping signs. The one notice I saw was at the end of my block, over 200 feet away. Since there were roughly the same number of cars parked on both sides of the street, I figured it must have been an old sign, perhaps for bulk pickup, that the city forgot to take down. A couple hours later, my cars were gone, and I owe nearly $300 to the town and the tow companies.

    My situation highlights a perverse incentive for the city: make street sweeping signs as ambiguous as possible in order to ticket and tow as many vehicles as possible. If this was simply a situation of me failing to see a clearly posted sign, then it would be my fault. But when the nearest sign was at the end of the block, then I must conclude that the city is deliberately doing a sloppy job with the sign posting in order to make money even off of people who would otherwise move their cars.

  • 151 Cold Spring St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    i watch cars roll through this stop sign daily (including cops. and school buses.) sometimes it's scary just to cross the street here! some sort of traffic calming should be implemented on cold spring so that cars speeding from 91 to Whitney SLOW DOWN. this would be an excellent place for some of the orange "yield to pedestrians" signs to be installed in the middle of the intersections.
  • East Rock Park Road New Haven Connecticut - East Rock
    On East Rock Park Road, between Livingston and Whitney at the bend in the road, basically in the wooded area with no houses, there is a disgusting dump of household trash. Luckily, the dumpers were stupid enough to leave a box with their address on it. I have a photo of the box/address too but can only upload one photo. Happy to send the other photos if requested. Here is the info: Phyllis Daniels, 48 Carmel Street, New Haven, CT 06511.
  • Whitney Ave. New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Luxury tour buses blocking a lane of traffic in front of the Yale School of Management during rush hour. This is a somewhat regular occurrence.
  • 1-41 Cold Spring Street New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    CARS RUN THE RED LIGHT HERE ALL THE TIME! There are always tons of pedestrians here as people enter College Woods and the playground area: families with kids, runners and walkers, etc. I've never seen a traffic cop doing enforcement here. I've seen both cars and motorcyclists blow right through the red light on many occasions, some without even slowing down. Dear NHPD - please do a traffic sting here.
  • Whitney Ave New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Why is it Hamden can plow two full lanes yet New haven can barely got one and a half. Every year. PUSH IT BACK PLEASE. Traffic was and is backed up to Hamden line due to ineffective plowing-
  • 2 24 Canner St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    I'm not sure who exactly could be held responsible for this, but between the boarded up property on the South side of the first block of Canner, the parking lot that gets no use at the corner of Nicoll and Canner, and the Lehman Bros. property that isn't doing anything, and the overgrown weeds and trees and the nips and the trash and the drug bags I'm really disgusted with the Nicoll/Canner intersection and the first block of Canner Street. Is there nothing to be done about this? Am I the only person annoyed about all this?
  • Horse poop Archived
    East Rock Park New Haven, CT - East Rock
    The paved path that runs from Summit Drive to State St. is covered w/ horse manure. Once in a great while, I see someone riding in the park. I carry a plastic bag to clean up after my dogs little droppings. Horse folk need to take responsibility for the mega turds they leave behind. Certainly turned me off to the idea of polo in the park.
  • 121 Canner Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    This California plate Toyota is been parked in the middle of Canner street for over a week!!! It is also on the odd side and should have been towed yesterday for the parking ban!!! What are we doing??? The Yale shuttle bus is having trouble going by too!! This is ridiculous!!!
  • Traffic/Road Safety Acknowledged
    English Drive New Haven, CT - East Rock
    English Drive (East Rock Park thru road) from Orange St Bridge heading toward Rice Field (in the direction of State St) is desperately in need of traffic calming measures. Cars drive fast. Wilbur Cross HS students ride their bikes on the road to get to/from practice. It is very dangerous. Parking around Rice Field during games makes the road very crowded. The port-o-potty is across the street from the field, so students and spectators must cross English Dr. to use it. The whole area needs City officials to take a look and find ways to increase safety etc. Has anyone ever thought about building a bridge from Wilbur Cross HS across the Mill River to the field?