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  • Other Trash Issues Acknowledged
    4625 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest

    The litter behind the Kroger Food Store is overwhelming. Not only is it unsightly it is getting in to the drainage causing flooding Shore Drive and the Bradford Acres. I live in the neighborhood which is NOT designated a flood zone, however when we get a substantial rain our drains back up and our streets flood. Our drains connect to Shore Drive. These drains need to be cleared on a regular basis. One neighbor has cleared (as best he could) the drains pulling out grocery bags, large pieces of plastic and wood. The area behind the Kroger is filled with such trash. I have picked up trash from our lake that is obviously litter from the parking lot and from behind the store.

    With the big concern about drainage and raising taxes I feel that the city needs to get a handle on the amount of litter that goes in our drains. Our lake is designated for storm run off. This brings much debris to the drains.

    Although I did not take any pictures, Kroger is not the only shopping area that has this problem. The area behind Chicks (Bayside) shopping center is also a problem.

    Thank you for your time.

  • 4925 Jeanne Street Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    clogged or has airlock, hurry rain expected. 10 of 11 trilevels on our block flooded during Matthew.
  • 612 Declaration Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    i have a tree in front yard 2 ft from the street with a snapped limb that is hanging over half of the street... i tried to pull it towards the trunk of tree but its too heavy..and i cant reach it with a ladder
  • 4536 Ocean View Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    The department of Public Works, Traffic Operations truck 179100 went up and down Ocean View Ave., giving out warnings for having cones in private driveways. Meanwhile this commercial establishment, Buoy 44 is permitted to paint lines and operate a valet operation in the middle of a public roadway. Is it OK for me to open a hot dog stand in the road on my street?
  • 257 Kellam Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23462, USA - Northwest
    Big sunken hole in the road is unavoidable and a nuisance at such a busy intersection.
  • 2529 Fentress Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    Robert Guess continues to block the public roadway. Meanwhile the city parking operations guy (sounded like a Russian man) is giving out warnings to random houses on Ocean View Ave. for using a cone to block their driveways, he only picked two houses, while there are many others on the same street that are doing the same thing. He is singling out just a few.
  • 3556 Shore Dr Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    The westbound lanes of Shore Dr. are being milled and repaved. Why wasn't the foundation corrected where there are numerous dips in the right lane before repaving? Why spend millions on road repairs and not actually "correct" the problems? If you think it is acceptable, try driving a school bus in the right lane on the new pavement. It is a nightmare!
  • 4909 Carnation Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23462, USA - Northwest
    Several big dead branches hanging over carnation Ave about too fall. Not safe for kids to walk under or cars
  • Wesleyan Dr Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    The bushes/shrubbery and trees are overgrown on the walk/bike lane on Wesleyan Drive between Virginia Wesleyan College and Norfolk Academy. The vines have grown onto the pavement and it appears unsafe. Walkers are unsure if any animals are hiding in the overgrown shrubs/bushes. There is also a tree hanging over an entire section of the paved path.
  • 2205 Dinwiddie Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    The electronic sign installed in the median on Shore Dr between the Lesner Bridge and Northampton is underutilized. I passed it, and another on Northampton, this morning and it was blank. When I got to the I-64 interchange on Northampton, I was notified that two lanes on East Bound I-64 were closed at Norview. Had drivers using Shore Dr to Northampton and then I-64 been made aware of this back on Shore Dr, we could have used an alternate route to get to work. I spent an hour in traffic today when it normally takes no more than 25 minutes. Please use the signs. The taxpayers paid plenty of money for them. We need more info on them than "drive sober" notices on holiday weekends.
  • 4901-4907 Clover St Virginia Beach, VA 23462, USA - Northwest
    Can't see to make a turn or go straight you have to move slow and edge out but lookout people are coming from Witchduck when light changes bushes blinding.
  • 3654 East Stratford Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Parking for park visitors has been taken over by residents across street. They have elso placed their mailboxes on this side of road. There is no place to park here for this who use this park who are handicapped or need to drive there. A "Parking for park visitors" sign needs placed here and mailboxes removed and placed on other side of road where the people live