Paul Macko

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  • 5233 Winding Bank Rd Virginia Beach 23455, United States - Northwest
    Sidewalk is a tripping hazard. I reported this earlier this year after my wife tripped on this. Have seen arrow on it for repair, but the hazard remains.
  • Bonney Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    North side of Bonney. Near thalia, fir, etc. Sidewalks impassable due to construction debris and vegetation. Having trouble seeing cars coming. New homebuilders are just destroying everything and not maintaining public row. Have more pix but this thing won't let me upload
  • Pothole Archived
    Greenwell Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Issue ID: 3686078 this has been archived but the two potholes on Greenwell Road have not been fixed.
  • Pleasure House Road And First Court Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Going north on Pleasure House Road when you turn right (East) onto First Court, there is a LARGE NASTY pothole in the right travel lane. Enough to jar the car and really tough on tires -- please repair ASAP.
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    Newtown Road Virginia Beach, VA 23464, United States of America - Northwest
    The traffic pattern has changed in this area and while the signage is correct no driver directly paying attention to it. There is going to be an accident in this area. People are going in the right-hand lane because they think it goes straight through under the bridge and it no longer does. So people in the right-hand lane are now jumping over to the left-hand lane because they think that they have the right-of-way which they don't. Please have someone reevaluate this intersection or make it more obvious that the traffic pattern has changed.
  • Pothole Archived
    1305 Baker Rd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    large pot on the street right in front of the entrance to the furniture options/grand furniture warehouse. entrance closest to thurston ave intersection
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    4776 Haygood Point Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    the NO PARKING AFTER DARK sign and post have been knocked down in front of the Haygood Point Neighborhood Park
  • 1608 Pleasure House Rd Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    storm drain at clogged causing street flooding through turn lane into right travel lane.
  • Pothole Archived
    Columbus St & Central Park Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23462, USA - Northwest
    Big pothole going W on Columbus at Central Park in travel lane
  • Pothole Archived
    Intersection Of Haygood Rd And Aragona Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    The city did utility work. They paved the road and left a huge pot hole with gravel in the left travel lane. It is like a huge dip and your car slams into it. It's awful.
  • Pothole Archived
    3728 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    There are three large potholes in the left travel lane going west. They are between Lesner Bridge and the 7-11. They are all large, deep and unavoidable.
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    4600 Paul Revere Road Virginia Beach, VA - Northwest
    Sign down on N.W. corner at intersection w/Independence Ave. Caller stopped a male from trying to steal the sign this morning.