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  • Virginia Beach Blvd & Witchduck Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Numerous large potholes in the intersection when traveling East on Virginia Beach Blvd at the Witchduck intersection requires attention ASAP--looks like a war zone and very hazardous to traffic and cars. I reported this before, it was CLOSED by Virginia Beach - but NOTHING has been done. This is BAD and needs attention.
  • 508 Rose Marie Ave Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest

    Third or 4th time in a row that our block of 500 Rose Marie Avenue has not been serviced by Recycling collection, I've reported each time. I work for the City and will see what I can do internally to get this resolved.


  • 2529 Fentress Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    Robert Guess continues to block the public roadway. Meanwhile the city parking operations guy (sounded like a Russian man) is giving out warnings to random houses on Ocean View Ave. for using a cone to block their driveways, he only picked two houses, while there are many others on the same street that are doing the same thing. He is singling out just a few.
  • 4536 Ocean View Ave Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    The department of Public Works, Traffic Operations truck 179100 went up and down Ocean View Ave., giving out warnings for having cones in private driveways. Meanwhile this commercial establishment, Buoy 44 is permitted to paint lines and operate a valet operation in the middle of a public roadway. Is it OK for me to open a hot dog stand in the road on my street?
  • 2517 Fentress Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    The sidewalk along Fentress not being maintaining in accordance with City Code 33-13 which requires the property owner to keep the sidewalks clean in front of their property to the street pavement. Turf and grass have been allowed to overgrow the sidewalk and about one third of sidewalk is unusable. This area gets a large amount of pedestrian traffic going to and from the beach and many resort to walking down the street instead of the sidewalk. Recently have seen double- wide strollers being pushed down the street instead of the sidewalk which could accommodate the stroller if sidewalk was maintained. The landlord's office was contacted and nothing was done. There is a lawn service maintaining the lawns on these rental properties, but sidewalks are ignored. The City some time ago installed the sidewalk to improve safety on persons walking on Fentress Ave.and Greenwell Rd. That purpose is now being abrogated by lack of sidewalk maintenance
  • Guam And Fentress Ave Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Cut grass in Chic's beach public areas including around Pleasure house lake off of Lookout road and pleasure house road, and in dead end off of Seaview Ave by Lee Ave.
  • Other Trash Issues Acknowledged
    4625 Shore Drive Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest

    The litter behind the Kroger Food Store is overwhelming. Not only is it unsightly it is getting in to the drainage causing flooding Shore Drive and the Bradford Acres. I live in the neighborhood which is NOT designated a flood zone, however when we get a substantial rain our drains back up and our streets flood. Our drains connect to Shore Drive. These drains need to be cleared on a regular basis. One neighbor has cleared (as best he could) the drains pulling out grocery bags, large pieces of plastic and wood. The area behind the Kroger is filled with such trash. I have picked up trash from our lake that is obviously litter from the parking lot and from behind the store.

    With the big concern about drainage and raising taxes I feel that the city needs to get a handle on the amount of litter that goes in our drains. Our lake is designated for storm run off. This brings much debris to the drains.

    Although I did not take any pictures, Kroger is not the only shopping area that has this problem. The area behind Chicks (Bayside) shopping center is also a problem.

    Thank you for your time.

  • 3839 Jefferson Blvd Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    Large boat parked next to house. It's ridiculous. This boat is on a trailer and is hideous and unsightly. I believe it's against code to park your boat in your yard. Us other boat owners have to pay to store our boats and this guy thinks he's the exception.
  • 222 Central Park Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    This is on Market Street at the old railroad crossing. The metal plates have seperated. I was riding my motorcycle last week and the opening grabbed my front wheel, almost putting me down.
  • 4909 Carnation Ave Virginia Beach, VA 23462, USA - Northwest
    Several big dead branches hanging over carnation Ave about too fall. Not safe for kids to walk under or cars
  • 925 5 Forks Rd Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    The roadway over the pipe the connects the two sides of Lake Smith continues to deteriorate. The patched potholes have not alleviated the situation. Vehicles crossing this spot experienced a teeth jarring bump. Call me on 642-4844 if further details needed.
  • 5101 Cleveland St Virginia Beach, VA, 23462, USA - Northwest
    The light cycles on Witchduck Rd. between Virginia Beach Blvd. and the on and off ramps to 264 (Southern Blvd. light in particular) are not timed correctly and are causing extremely heavy traffic/backups. I traveled this route around noon today and around 6 PM and experienced the same at both times. It took 20mins to travel approximately 1/4 mile. This needs to be addressed ASAP. It is causing traffic to be blocked on Virginia Beach Blvd. and is very dangerous.