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  • Pothole Archived
    Doewood Ct Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    Asphalt damaged/missing/loose caused by street cleaner/sweeper mobile machine. Chunks of asphalt lying around loose could cause damage to POV's traveling by daily. Needs repair/replacement.
  • Pothole Archived
    Northampton Blvd Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    Large pothole on the curve as you exit Northampton Blvd onto Shore Drive turning to the right to enter Shore Dr. It hit so hard I was sure I was going to have a bent axle or flat tire.
  • Traffic Sign Archived
    2517 Pleasure House Rd Virginia Beach, VA, 23455, USA - Northwest
    Golf Cart sign at intersection of Lee Ave and Pleasure House Rd leaning heavily toward Pleasure House Rd. In danger of falling into Pleasure House Rd.
  • Norwell Ln Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    Natural drainage ditches, lakes, and excessive rainfall have made conditions worse than usual. Given the wildlife present here, this community should be a priority.
  • Wishart Road Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    Green light cycle does not remain green long enough for traffic traveling west on Wishart Road and turning south onto Independence Boulevard or going straight across onto Haygood Road. This problem occurs throughout the day, as more businesses are opening up in this area.
  • 3818 Marlin Bay Dr Virginia Beach, VA 23455, USA - Northwest
    Mosquito population has exploded after all the rains we have had
  • 597 Lavender Ln Virginia Beach 23462, United States - Northwest
    Low height, overgrown tree obstructing vehicles from turning right from Lavender Lane onto Brian Ave without using the opposite driving lane.
  • Traffic Sign Acknowledged
    Nelms Ln Virginia Beach, VA, 23462, USA - Northwest
    Litter: My wife and I pick up litter on Nelms Lane almost daily. People throw it out of their cars every day. Yesterday we filled a 33 gallon trash bag past capacity only to have more trash minutes later. CAN WE GET SOME ANTI LITTERING SIGNAGE and police enforcement please?
  • 2426 Beaufort Avenue Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    I already called and spoke with someone about this about a month ago, but the stop sign is still missing from the intersection at Lake Drive and Beaufort Avenue. Can you please replace it before somebody gets run over in the street while walking their dog?
  • Pothole Archived
    Intersection Of Haygood Rd And Aragona Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    The city did utility work. They paved the road and left a huge pot hole with gravel in the left travel lane. It is like a huge dip and your car slams into it. It's awful.
  • Pothole Archived
    S. Westgrove/Sullivan Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    There is a street cave in at the intersection of S. Westgrove and Sullivan Blvd. The city patched a hole a few feet away last year. This is a new cave in
  • Pothole Archived
    800 Aragona Blvd Virginia Beach, Virginia - Northwest
    medium sized pothole in travel lane at aragona blvd and brinson lane traveling south bound toward withcduck road