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  • 112 120th Ave Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
    Sharp exposed pipe on northbound Gulf Blvd, Treasure Island at 120th Ave. this could damage a bicycle or motorcycle tire causing a severe accident. It needs to be cut down and covered.
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    117th Ave Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    What is the purpose of the surveillance device attached to the crosswalk signal at 117th Ave and Gulf Blvd??
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    184-198 117th Ave Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
  • Beach Issues Archived
    200 121st Ave Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
  • 117th St And Gulf Blvd - Treasure Island
  • County Parks Archived
    Rosselli Park Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    The two little motorcycles at that playground have been broken for at least year- when will they get fixed?
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    12061-12157 Capri Circle South Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    The recycle area in Roselli Park on Capri has turned into a dump. I have lived on Capri for over 15 years and every since the recycle area has been expanded it has turned into a dump. I have seen hot tubs (see pictures), dishwashers, various pieces of furniture, beds, paint cans empy and full just to name a few. The cameras that were installed do nothing, in fact I have seen more items dumped illegally since the cameras were installed. The cameras must not work or the City is not using them to enforce illegal dumping. I am all for recycling but do not want a dump in my back yard. Either stop the illegal dumping or do away with the recycle location. This is simply ludicrous to have this dump area in the park and at the entrance to Capri.
  • 121 125th Ave Treasure Island, FL 33706, USA - Treasure Island
  • 11850 4th Street East Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    This house was reported a short time ago and the code enforcement officer stated that the owner agreed to take the house of of the rental web sights and cancel all future bookings. The owner did not lisson to the code officer. It is still being rented out constantly and they have blantaly placed it back on the web sights. This needs to be stoped! One of the links is below:
  • Gulf Blvd Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island

    from : P Moisan
    Quebec, Canada

    to : Lawrence Lunn, Mayor &
    Armand Boudreau, Police chief
    Community Protection
    120 108th Ave
    Treasure Island, FL

    object : safety

    Mr. Lunn, Mr. Boudreau,
    I’m a Canadian citizen who comes here for vacations. But since I’m here, I saw many incidents at crosswalks. Drivers don’t watch for walkers and don’t stop when flashing. This is a dangerous city for walkers. I’m always afraid to cross over when I want to go on the beach.
    I’ve visited many cities around North America and except for Montreal, it could be the most dangerous of all. You have the duty to serve and protect those people. It’s too late when a accident occurs. You should reassure people that you care about their safety on sidewalks and roads.
    You should do more crosswalk policing on Gulf Blvd and give tickets to drivers who don’t respect the signs when walkers need to cross to prevent accidents like the one I saw last week.
    It’s a shame, but that’s how it will work. That way, drivers will learn to respect life and they will know that it is what it matters most in Treasure Island.
    Please, take my letter in consideration.
    P Moisan

    A copy of this letter was send on SEE CLICK FIX and TREASURE ISLAND CITY HALL FACEBOOK PAGE.

  • 12616 Sunshine Lane Treasure Island, Florida - Treasure Island
    When does the city anticipate getting back to the regular yard waste pickup on Wed for the north end of TI? We have not seen yard waste pickup since Sep 13 -- two days after IRMA. I understand the priority has been to get at least 1 pass thru the whole city .. but this block has had debris sitting for a month now.
  • 236 Sun Vista Ct N Treasure Island 33706, United States - Treasure Island