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Concerned Citizens of Newburgh

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  • Potholes Archived
    33-63 Monument Street Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    Multiple DEEP potholes on Overlook Place between Bridge Street and Monument St. Very busy in the morning due to buses and parents dropping students off, hard to dodge the potholes.
  • Pothole Archived
    74 Wisner Ave Newburgh, NY, 12550, USA - Newburgh
    Pothole on wisner north of broadway
  • Lake Drive Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    There are multiple potholes that have been repaired on this street - it will rain and then the repair patch is gone. There are huge potholes all along this street as of today.
  • Pot holes Archived
    144 Wisner Avenue Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    pot holes all along Wisner up to Dupont.
  • Pothole Archived
    37 Cerone Place Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    Huge pothole
  • Pothole Archived
    2-36 Cerone Place Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    this corner is a reoccuring area of potholes
  • Giant Pothole Archived
    31 South Plank Rd. Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    Across the street and inbetween the Newburgh Dental Group and Gross' Garage there is a giant pothole. There's several put one is so large you can't move over to avoid it. And it's deep enough where my truck almost lost a friggin' axle.
  • Trash Archived
    15 Lake Drive Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    The amount of trash all along this road is so sad - there are sofas, bags, papers and who knows what else. Its so sad that we can't take more pride in where we live to care for the land.
  • hole Open
    84 Wisner Avenue Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
    decent hole
  • 20-38 Fowler Avenue Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
  • 194-228 Little Britain Road Newburgh, New York - Newburgh
  • garbage Open
    74–98 Cerone Pl Newburgh 12550, United States - Newburgh
    End of month falls on the weekend - I’m sure there will be more trash all along Cerone Place and Lake Drive 😔