Borough of Norwood

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  • 25 Hazel Street Harrington Park, NJ - Norwood
    Beginning of Hazel Street chured up by winter plows. Right side of street impassible, when leaving the street. Also Lafayette Road a main street in Harrington Park Is riddled with Pot holes. Also by Laroche and Parkside, in HP, there is a pot hole, where my minister fromSaint Andrews, fell in it and sever facial Bruises for a long time. Right after the fall she reported it and to this day no repairs have been made, and this is over a year ago.
  • 122-130 Rio Vista Dr Norwood, NJ 07648, USA - Norwood
    Broken pavement pothole
  • (potholes) Archived
    829 Broadway Norwood, NJ 07648, USA - Norwood
    Damaging Pothole at the intersection of Demarest ST and Broadway