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  • Forest Ave & Oradell Ave. Paramus, NJ - Paramus
    Cars making a left turn onto Forest Ave. from Oradell Ave. only have an arrow. There should be lane and signs stating that the left lane MUST turn left. The traffic at this corner is horrendous and there are horns blowing constantly because people that are going straight stay in the left lane and when the light changes with the left arrow they don't move and the horn blasting begins. We live on Oradell Ave. and the noise at all hours of the day and night is awful. On the corner of Oradell and Kinderkamack(in Oradell) there is a a lane that is for left turns only, why can't there be one in Paramus. In addition, Bergen Catholic High School is at that corner and the children often walk to the pizza place on Oradell, they take their life in their hands crossing Forest Ave. SOMETHING SHOULD BE DONE!
  • Lane Markings Archived
    Forest Ave From Maywood Border To Oradell Ave Intersection - Paramus
    Lane markings on a major portion of Forest Ave is barely visible
  • 412 Chelsea St Paramus, NJ 07652-3436 - Paramus
    Pedestrian Signals at the Traffic light at Midland Avenue & Chelsea Street/Yuhas Drive are not all functioning. The WALK signal does not appear to be displaying on signals parallel to Midland Avenue. Not sure how many signals are affected.
  • New Jersey 4 Paramus, NJ - Paramus
    Rt. 4 near 24hour Fitness East Center Lane Pothole
  • 83 E Midland Ave Paramus, NJ 07652-4132 - Paramus
    Red Light "SIGNALS AHEAD" warning sign that contains RED LIGHT to indicate approaching red light is not functioning. This light used to be one when the light at the intersection of From Road was yellow or red to allow more response time.
  • From Road - Paramus
    Potholes on North-bound side of From Road shortly after intersection of Midland Avenue.
  • Spring Valley Avenue Paramus, NJ - Paramus
    The potholes are so big and deep you will blow out your tire.
  • Ikea Dr Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    This traffic light is a newer type that perhaps saves electricity, but it is very difficult to see heading south on Ikea Drive. Most days you can't see the signal until you are within 25 feet or so.
  • (potholes) Archived
    30 New Jersey 17 Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    Potholes making your drive a nightmare? Navigate to it on the map and report it here
    right lane on rt 17 north just south of rt 4
  • Sprout Brook Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    very very bad
  • Pothole farm Archived
    770 W Midland Ave Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    Ever since PSE&G did "repairs" in the area, the pothole situation has deteriorated. The holes are so numerous that they cannot be avoided. The road needs to be repaved in the worst way, and PSE&G should bear the cost--but the repair should not wait for the cost issue to be resolved.
  • pot holes Archived
    Soldier Hill Paramus, NJ - Paramus
    repave the road