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  • Deep Pothole Archived
    Eastbound Lane Of East Ridgewood Ave. Near Tom Sawyer Diner Paramus, New Jersey - Paramus
    2/22/14 evening, this large pothole, unmarked and not illuminated, is very dangerous. I have an approx. location since I was "shocked" when my car it it. It is in vicinity of diner, and not before diner.
  • Hoenst Lodi Nj - Paramus
    Hoen St lodi Nj major potholes starting at the corner of williams and Hoen going into hoen about 60feet and further down hoenst were it meets church st more potholes that are getting to the point they look like craters on the moon.Try calling Lodi DPW over the past few years to maybe get the road repaved since it hasnt been done since the early 80's or fix the pot holes nothing!!!!!!!!
  • 115 W. Century Road Paramus, New Jersey - Paramus
    The red light leaving the office complex of 115 W Century Road is not functioning. The light bulb appears to be dead.
  • Paramus Rd Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    2 large pot holes behind the lord and Taylor Find It store
  • 712 Reeder Rd Paramus, Nj - Paramus

    Senior citizen needs step shovels. three steps to two door


  • 605 From Rd Paramus, NJ 07652 - Paramus

    Here it is like you are driving onto a sidewalk curb. In fact, I think that's how it was designed at first! You can see the cement line!

    Either way, this transition makes it difficult for drivers who don't want to hit their car too hard but still like to cut other drivers coming from beyond this 'left only not straight' area. Would be awesome if this one got fixed!

  • 470 Paramus Rd Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    Since the construction was done here last summer, the area right at the bottom of where Paramus Road intersects with Morningside Road in Paramus is like traveling on the moon. Please please do something before I lose my tires. No matter how slow I go, it is really bad. Thanks.
  • Pothole farm Archived
    770 W Midland Ave Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    Ever since PSE&G did "repairs" in the area, the pothole situation has deteriorated. The holes are so numerous that they cannot be avoided. The road needs to be repaved in the worst way, and PSE&G should bear the cost--but the repair should not wait for the cost issue to be resolved.
  • (potholes) Archived
    30 New Jersey 17 Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    Potholes making your drive a nightmare? Navigate to it on the map and report it here
    right lane on rt 17 north just south of rt 4
  • Ikea Dr Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    This traffic light is a newer type that perhaps saves electricity, but it is very difficult to see heading south on Ikea Drive. Most days you can't see the signal until you are within 25 feet or so.
  • James F Brown Jr Dr Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    Cars exiting from route 17 have the right of way here, but they never seem to know it. They expect the intersection to be a 3 way stop, but it isn't.
  • 98-100 New Jersey 4 Paramus, NJ 07652, USA - Paramus
    The exit off the Garden State Parkway North to Route 4 East. As your entering Route 4, vehicles are bombarded with many potholes. I commute through this way every single day of the week for college. My car is going to need a suspension change very soon! Too soon!