Messick Buntyn Neighborhood

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Messick Buntyn Neighborhood

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  • 722 Cooper Street Memphis, Tennessee - Midtown
    Intersection of Cooper Street and Central Avenue needs crosswalk signals on all four corners. Area has busy pedestrian traffic because of surrounding businesses and parking. Intersection has protected green arrows for some lanes, but no indication when pedestrians will be shielded from turning traffic. Crash involving a pedestrian occurred here September 26.
  • 149 Running River Pl Memphis, Tennessee - Downtown
    We are smelling an awful stench from the Waste Water Treatment plant on the other side of the Wolf River. Every time we go outside, front or back, off and on for weeks now, it has smelled like a sewer. Really awful and embarrassing when guests are over! Can you please help us out in Harbor Town/Mud Island?
  • 120 N Willett St Memphis, TN, 38104, USA - Midtown
    House renovation or demolition unfinished for over a year.
  • 1-13 South Highland Street Memphis, Tennessee - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
    There is a large pothole in the Eastbound lane of Walnut grove in the middle of the intersection of Highland and Walnut Grove. It is large enough that cars are getting damaged and traffic is slowing or stopping to go around. Very dangerous. Please fix ASAP!
  • 286 North Mcneil Street Memphis, Tennessee - Midtown

    286 is a rental. The tenants repeatedly fail to take their trash to the curb. It is causing a fly infestation. The owner of the property won't do anything about it, so we bagged the trash ourselves after we paid our exterminator to come spray our basement for the flies coming from their garbage. We previously called 311 but the complaint (#3855618) was recorded incorrectly as failure to pick up garbage. this is not a failure on the part of city services, this is an issue with residents violating several codes:

    Sec. 48-10 - Responsibilities of Occupants
    (b) Cleanliness. Every occupant of a building, structure, and premises shall keep that part which he occupies,
    controls, or uses, in a clean and sanitary condition.
    (c) Rubbish disposal. Every occupant of a building, structure, or premises shall dispose of all his rubbish in a
    clean and sanitary manner by placing it in the rubbish containers required by section 48-131.
    (d)Garbage disposal. Every occupant of a building, structure or premises shall dispose of his garbage in a clean
    and sanitary manner by placing it in the garbage disposal facilities, or if such facilities are not available, by
    removing all non-burnable matter and securely wrapping such garbage and placing it in tight metal garbage
    containers as required by section 48-132, or by such other disposal method as may be required by applicable
    laws or ordinances of the city.
    (Ord. No. 4232, 1-4-94)

    Sec. 48-87 - To Be Maintained in Clean and Sanitary Condition
    All exterior property areas shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition free from any accumulation of rubbish or garbage.
    (Ord. No. 4232, 1-4-94)

    Sec. 48-131 - Rubbish containers
    Every dwelling, multifamily dwelling and dwelling unit shall be supplied with approved containers and covers for storage of rubbish, and the owner, occupant, or agent in control of such dwelling or multifamily dwelling shall be responsible for the removal of such rubbish.
    (Ord. No. 4232, 1-4-94)

    Sec. 48-147 - General Requirements
    (a) All required equipment and all building space and parts in every dwelling and multifamily dwelling shall be constructed and maintained so as to properly and safely perform their intended function in accordance with the provisions of the building code
    (b) All housing facilities shall be maintained in a clean and sanitary condition by the occupant so as not to breed insects and rodents or produce dangerous or offensive gases or odors
    (Ord. No. 4232, 1-4-94)
    I would very much appreciate it if code enforcement could do something to help these residents understand it absolutely IS their responsibility to dispose of their garbage properly and take the bins to the curb on the appropriate day.

  • 257-285 Waring Road Memphis, Tennessee - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
    The sidewalk on the West side of Waring Rd at approximately between 257 and 285 Waring Rd is completely blocked by overgrowth and debris. This forces people to divert around it into the street creating a dangerous situation.
  • 4727 Violet Ave Memphis, TN 38122, USA - Berclair-Highland Heights
    tree limbs trunks etc blocking sidewalk. it has been like this for month's.
  • 8743 Dexter Rd Memphis, Tennessee - Cordova-Appling
    There are only three functioning parking lot lights at Fletcher Creek park. I believe there are 8 or so total lights. This makes the park extremely dark early in the morning and in the evening. Given the recent double homicide discovered in this parking lot, it seems like this should be a no-brainer to get fixed.
  • Dexter Rd Cordova, TN 38016, USA - Cordova-Appling
    In light of the incident over the weekend at Fletcher Creek Park, I think it is reasonable to request a Sky Cop camera located in the parking lot at Fletcher Creek Park. I see cars just sitting there all the time. It was only a matter of time before something happened because it is relatively secluded from Dexter Rd. Thank you in advance!!
  • 1655 Castalia Memphis, Tennessee - Midtown
    Issue was report under Issue # 4968847 and service request 3969910. This issue was closed with no action. It appears issues that impact safety of children of color are not being addressed by 311 or City of Memphis. This ticket will be forward to media, Mayor Strickland, and City Council. The children who depend on this path as a safe walk to school deserve better. Grass has not been cut all year. The Magnolia Castalia Association clean the bridge and cut the grass twice because the city refused. This is a grave saftey issue. Kids are climbing betweeen trains because the overpass entrance is covered with 6 feet of grass. Please take action before we loss the life of a child. This is the reason for overpass. Thanks for you support.
  • 1062 Wingfield Road Memphis, Tennessee - Berclair-Highland Heights
    Family has been living in trailer for A YEAR!! CONSTANT TRAFFIC 24/7! I think they are manufacturing METH!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • other Acknowledged
    3549 Douglass Ave Memphis, Tennessee - East Memphis-Colonial-Yorkshire
    The built a storage shed in the front yard. It was installed early this week. Its really ugly.