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Our goal as an organization is to work with the Howard County Government, and other government agencies when needed, to improve the safety of roads in Howard County that are the most heavily used by bicyclists.

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  • 11957 Lime Kiln Rd Fulton, Maryland 20759, United States - Maple Lawn
    Related to tickets 1757403 and 1826570. Resident said heavy rains dislodge large football sized rocks from the storm drain and into the road, partially blocking the road. Resident wants something done to keep the rocks in place. Our staff had previously commented, "this is runoff coming from private property." Resident wants to talk with us about options/solutions.
  • 8161 Maple Lawn Boulevard Fulton, Maryland - Maple Lawn
    We received an email, "Hello, I am a resident of Maple Lawn concerned about the amount of street racing and general speeding occurring on Maple Lawn Boulevard. I have been told by HOA board members that Maple Lawn residents have been complaining to the HoCo Police and Bureau of Highways for years but nothing more than temporary speed traps ever comes of it. Consequently, I would like to know if the Bureau has performed any speed studies on Maple Lawn Blvd. lately and if so, whether traffic calming devices are being considered. I would be highly surprised if the 85th percentile of recorded speeds aren't at least 10 mph over the posted limit of 25 mph which is the criterion for at least considering traffic calming. Also, I personally have observed a number of people in high performance cars and motorcycles using the traffic circles as skid pads and the street as an impromptu dragstrip. So many, in fact, that I suspect that the street is becoming popular with the local street racer crowd. Consequently any information regarding the Bureau's position on traffic calming for Maple Lawn Blvd. would be greatly appreciated."
  • Pothole Archived
    11957 Lime Kiln Road Fulton, Maryland - Maple Lawn
    The roadway is starting to quickly deteriorate down to gravel and potholes at the creek crossing prior to the narrow bridge at what appears to be a previous pavement cut.
  • 6489-6545 Montgomery Rd Elkridge, MD 21075, USA - US Congressional District MD3
    On the right side of Montgomery just West of Landing Rd, there is a manhole cover without a cover. It is just to the right of the white line and poses an issue to cyclists and runners.
  • 4-6 Ilchester Road Ellicott City, Maryland - US Congressional District MD3
    The shoulder here is very popular for cycling accessing and exiting the grist mill trail. In one spot, the shoulder gets very narrow. The side of the road bed is also starting to wash away causing a slope, which results in even less of the shoulder being usable. The photo doesn't really show the issue well, but gives the location.
  • Toll House Road Ellicott City, Maryland - Ellicott City
    I travel Toll House road from home every day to get to work off of St. Johns Lane. Today was the worse it has been for me! With the accident on 29, traffic was backed up both ways on Toll House. And with the flashing light, there were not many people feeding into it off of Frederick Road stopping as a courtesy to let a few cars through. Traffic is relatively heavy here in the morning and the visibility turning west onto Frederick is hindered because of the 29 bridge. Has the county ever considered making this a full traffic light? I think it needs to be!
  • Iager Blvd Fulton, Maryland - Maple Lawn

    There is an abundance of speeding down Iager Blvd. This road is in a residential area where families regularly walk and ride bikes. The constant speeding by contractors and homeowners is putting the families who live in this area at great risk. Iager Blvd. is the main road to the back part of the Maple Lawn development and as Maple Lawn continues to grow so will the traffic on this road. A stop sign or other traffic calming device is needed in at least one intersection along Iager Blvd. The community should not have to wait until a tragic accident occurs to resolve a simple issue.

    Proposed stop sign locations: Iager and Mulberry; Iager and Elmwood

  • 13701 Lakeside Drive Clarksville, Maryland - Howard County
    New SNS and post needed, old one is rusted and hard to read.
  • Landing Road And Montgomery Road Elkridge, MD - Elkridge
    There needs to be an installation of either a traffic signal, 4-way stop sign or traffic circle at the intersection of Montgomery Road and Landing Road. This intersection is very dangerous because of the lack of visibility from oncoming traffic on Montgomery Road, vehicles stop suddenly when someone is turning left onto Landing Road. As many as ten or more cars wait to turn on Landing Road during peak hours, causing long wait times and congestion. Please look into the situation for possible alternatives to make this intersection safer!
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    3523 Centennial Lane Ellicott City, MD 21042, USA - Ellicott City
    There is an urgent need for a simple traffic light and crosswalk at the intersection of Centennial Lane Elementary School and Centennial Lane where cars exit. It is a real safety concern here for cars turning onto Centennial Lane during peak hrs of school start and end. In addition, children & parents are crossing the road to get to/from school and there's no cross walk.
  • 9693-9697 Old Annapolis Road Ellicott City, MD 21042, USA - Ellicott City
    This portion has now been closed for over a month by the contractor who has been allowed to clear cut the formerly beautiful property known as squirrel hill farm. Damage done to the environment but when will the sidewalk return?
  • 6433-6437 Montgomery Rd Elkridge, Maryland - Elkridge
    Would the county please consider a traffic study for a possible traffic circle at the intersection of Montgomery Rd, Marshalee Dr, and Deborah Jean Dr? Traffic at this intersection is getting heavy and can be dangerous at times. Additionally, motorists turning left onto Montgomery Rd sometimes don't yield to motorists going straight from Deborah Jean Dr to Montgomery Rd. It's a confusing intersection and the problem is compounded by motorists who speed through this intersection. I propose that a traffic circle at this intersection would greatly increase motorist safety due to reducing speed and providing clear direction to vehicles entering the intersection.