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  • 1062 Wingfield Road Memphis, Tennessee - Berclair-Highland Heights
    Family has been living in trailer for A YEAR!! CONSTANT TRAFFIC 24/7! I think they are manufacturing METH!! PLEASE HELP!!!!
  • 4727 Violet Ave Memphis, TN 38122, USA - Berclair-Highland Heights
    tree limbs trunks etc blocking sidewalk. it has been like this for month's.
  • 749 Berclair Memphis, Tennessee - Berclair-Highland Heights
    This place has been cleaned up a lot but no need to leave it in such ill repair and trashy anymore. This property was auctioned off or is going to be auctioned off.
  • 784 Cypress Drive Memphis, Tennessee - Midtown
    This open storm drain is owned by the City of Memphis and has a foundation of crumbling bricks at its base. Tree roots, privet, small shrubs are growing up through the bricks and will impede the flow of water when we have a big rain. THis open stormwater drain runs from North Drive to Jackson Avenue and bisects Cypress Drive along its route. Please have some workers get down there with weed eaters and trimmers and clean it up. It would be a haven for mosquitos or rats.
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    4317 Ferndale Rd Memphis 38122, United States - Berclair-Highland Heights

    New neighbors but a persistent problem still exists!

    Parking in the yard two cars are parking in the yard at night. There’s beer cans and beer bottles strewn across the yard and we’re tired of cleaning them up.

    The trashcan sits out on the curb 24 seven.

    And I believe that they are stealing electricity from MLGW because they don’t have a meter and the wires been cut but yet they still have electricity.

    We don’t know who lives there,we can’t determine who lives here. So many people come and go we don’t know who actually lives there.

    So we have illegal parking in the grass at night; Beer cans and beer bottles Tossed off the front porch........The trash can sits out front 24 seven . We think that prostitution going on and drug selling because They pull into the driveway right across the street from their house and they have sex with different people every night....

    Memphis can you help us it’s not safe on our street when people like this live here!!!!

    The Residents Of Berclair

  • 674 N Perkins Rd Memphis, TN, 38122, USA - Berclair-Highland Heights
    This house has been having a yard sale daily for several months. This area needs to be cleaned up including the houses on both sides. I see the panhandlers coming and going from there houses. This down the road from Berclair Elementary School. Please help clean this area up from all the junk around these duplexes.
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    Berclair Rd. Memphis, TN - Berclair-Highland Heights
    How do we get peace on our street again? Xiao Limin bought houses at 749 and 772 Berclair Road. He continually moves shady people in as tenants. The yards are junky and make out neighborhood look bad. There is constant activity at these houses day and night, fights, loose dogs running around, drugs, thieves, etc. Police are constantly there. These houses need to be shutdown as nuisances.
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    1018 Berclair Rd Memphis 38122, United States - Berclair-Highland Heights
    Constant trash and junk and sometimes a trailer full of junk on the street which blocks the view
  • Big big mess Archived
    4532-4540 Durbin Ave Memphis, TN 38122, USA - Berclair-Highland Heights
    Hoarder situation likely
    This is at 4540 durbin at Novarese
  • 942 Chatwood Street Memphis, Tennessee - Berclair-Highland Heights
    rotting boards, loose paint, house is in poor condition on the exterior, looks like it is falling apart and is not up to code by any means.
  • 859 Berclair Road Memphis, Tennessee - Berclair-Highland Heights
    859 BERCLAIR ROAD-This is the Fourth LARGE of Trash put on & BLOCKING the sidewalk. They are still BRINGING TRASH to this address and unloading it. There are no utilities, so who is picking it up. They are NOT Cleaning up. Vehicles everywhere in the yard. Photo taken 9/11/18
  • 749 Berclair Memphis, Tennessee - Berclair-Highland Heights
    carport, driveway and back yard overflowing with nasty rat and snake infested debris -- certainly inside as well