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  • 1523 Ne 170th St Seattle, WA, 98155, USA - Shoreline
    Using a snowmobile and acting dangerously
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    16920 15th Ave Ne Shoreline WA 98155, United States - Shoreline
    Did irons brother construction company illegally cut down this gigantic evergreen tree
  • 1101-1153 North 192nd Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Graffiti on light pole at SE corner of Aurora and N 192nd St
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    1517 Ne 170th St Shoreline, WA 98155, USA - Shoreline
    It takes way too long to activate the pedestrian crosswalk at the intersection of 170th and 15th. Would advise someone to recalibrate it so pedestrians don't have to wait too long for a walk signal after pressing the button.
  • 16502 4th Ave Ne Shoreline, WA 98155, USA - Shoreline
    The guy that owns this truck has been camping out here for weeks now. He has been seen dumping wood and other garbage near the truck, and has also been seen pooping and peeing multiple times along the sidewalk and fenceline. Occasionally I will see him getting into an early 2000's white Ford Taurus sedan, as well as a similar white Taurus wagon. He has also been spotted across the street in the apartment building parking lot.
  • 18190 Linden Ave N Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    Shoreline has a drug problem. After calling Shoreline Police/King County Sheriffs on March 5 (who made arrest and cleared out an illegal encampment at 17900 Linden Ave N)... the remaining inhabitants quickly packed up and fled before police returned, but dumped a grocery cart full of used heroin needles and garbage on the shoulder on Linden Ave (east side), just south of 182nd. We regularly find piles of used needles, and occasionally human feces on this block, where there are regularly people living out of RV's or cars. Area is frequented by children from Shorewood High, and others in the community... as it is right next to Fred Meyer's market.
  • Carlyle Hall Rd N & Dayton Ave N Shoreline, WA 98133, USA - Shoreline
    There is an RV that has been parked here with a flat front left tire for a few days. Growing concerned because now a car was parked to the west in the gravel lot over night too.
  • 14500-14598 22nd Ave Ne Seattle, WA, 98155, USA - Shoreline
    It started a week ago. Somebody is parking big trucks in residential street ( 22nd ave , next to Carmelite monastery)
    They usually leave it from late afternoon to the 8-9 in the morning every day. It ruins the neighborhood .Please let them know that commercial vehicles and industrial equipment can’t be parked on residential streets.
    Thank you
  • Damaged guardrail Acknowledged
    1600-1650 Northeast 196th Street Shoreline, Washington - Shoreline
    This guardrail was smashed by a tree last year during a storm and still hasn't been repaired.
  • 1517 Ne 170th St Seattle, WA, 98155, USA - Shoreline

    Please see the attached photos for non-compliant lighting and lighting glare and trespass produced from 1510 NE 170th St. This lighting is in violation of Shoreline Municipal Code Sections 20.50.115, 20.50.205, 20.50.240, and 20.50.410(Q) ~Ord.

    There are over 10 lights on this property that are unshielded and left on all night. An additional 3 or more are left on all day. These unshielded lights protrude light glare and trespass onto other properties and shine into bedrooms all night long.

    Starting December 11, 2018 I started asking the owner to turn off some lights and/or shield them to prevent the light glare and trespass, especially the lights that glare into bedrooms. On January 17, 2019 the owner turned off one light that was causing most of the direct glare into bedrooms. However, after the 1510 and 1517 NE 170th St Rezone Neighborhood Meeting on January 23, 2019 where over 10 immediate neighbors voiced opposition to the owner's permanent rezone proposal, the light was turned back on and has been left on permanently.

    Please make the property owner prevent light glare and trespass and enforce the applicable Shoreline codes.

  • 15th Ave Ne & Ne 175th St Seattle, WA, 98155, USA - Shoreline
    The right merge lane on south-bound 15th Ave, south of the 175th NE/15th Ave intersection, has been closed for too long for the benefit of a private development company. The apartment building development and associated construction was supposed to be finished by November 2019 and is still ongoing with no end in sight and no additional mitigation for the extended closure. This closure creates a significant safety and traffic issue for merging traffic traveling southbound through the intersection. In addition, turning southbound from east or west bound NE 175th St onto southbound NE 15th St is very dangerous especially for large trucks and semi-tractor/trailers. Numerous accidents have occurred at this intersection during this construction and lane changes. For the extended closure (past November 2019) additional traffic mitigation must be provided. Good thing there is potential right here at this intersection. Require westbound NE 175th St to be returned to two lanes, east bound NE 175th St remain two lanes (straight/left turn, and right turn only), and create more storage/queueing capacity for the right turn lane from eastbound NE 175th St to southbound 15th Ave. Developers should not be allowed to extend traffic and safety impacts past the original schedule without appropriate traffic mitigation otherwise it is an illegal taking of public property and a gift of public funds/resources. Please make the intersection safer.
  • 16179 Midvale Ave N Shoreline 98133, United States - Shoreline
    Multiple homeless encampments in this area of the park