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Jane Benson

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    Intersection Of Capshaw And Trailing Creek Road Nw Madison, Alabama - Huntsville
    There is no street light at the intersection of Capshaw Road and Trailing Creek Road NW at the entrance to Cross Creek subdivision. The entrance is very difficult to see after dark, and many people have commented on how they have trouble finding it after sundown. Our neighborhood would appreciate it if you would consider adding a street light at that intersection, if at all possible. Thank you.
  • 4100 Leeman Ferry Rd Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville


    Numerous drainage and road damage issues. Water pools on road every time it rains and typically takes several days to dissipate. These pools are mosquito, insect and algae breeding grounds in warmer months. Road is broken and severely cracked in many locations. Some of the damage areas were caused by city contractor equipment during last year's runway re-surfacing. We were told they would return and repair the damage, but never returned and we were never contacted. There is also a large drop-off at the entrance by the gate where the cement ramp meats the asphalt. Several vehicles have bottomed-out on the cement due to the height difference between the two surfaces.

    Bob Templeton
    President - Rocket City RC
    4100 Leeman Ferry RD.

  • 2110 1st St Sw Huntsville, AL, 35805, USA - Huntsville
    I live on 1st ST in the Lowe Mill District. This property at 2110 is an old boarding house across the street from me and next to Central Baptist Church. The boarding house stood empty for many years, and recently was bought and fixed up by Cole Kupec and his mother and brother. Cole told me initially that it was going to be rented out as apartments. Recently, my neighbor told me that he told her that it was going to be turned into a halfway house. This is an awful idea. There are children all up and down this street and I'm sure none of my neighbors will be pleased about this either. As you know, Lowe Mill is being upgraded and improved, and 1st Street is a main connection between Governors Drive and Bob Wallace Ave. I am very upset, I DO NOT want a halfway house across the street from me. What can be done to stop this? Thank you, Rita Coffin
  • Barren Fork Blvd Sw Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The city has recently started connecting Barren Fork Blvd to Youpon Dr. This will connect several neighborhoods and Williams School off Barren Fork Blvd to the large subdivision of Lake Forest. There are currently a lot of traffic problems in Lake Forest (speeding throughout the subdivision at all hours of the day and congestion at the main entrance in the mornings). If Barren Fork Blvd is connected to Youpon Drive it will make our traffic problems in Lake Forest even worse as it will increase traffic. Please consider making the connection for emergency vehicles only, our subdivision should not be a cut through that will increase traffic and speeding. There are a lot of children in Lake Forest whose safety should also be considered.
  • 1112 Oster Drive Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    I have tried complaining about this issue before but to no avail. The drainage ditch behind and beside my property has eroded to the point of dangerous conditions. I have already had 2 (two!) trees come down from the side ditch, damaging the fence and destroying the swimming pool. When reported I was told that this was "my problem" and I was responsible for clean up and repair. The fence along the back of the yard has started to fall int the large ditch behind the house. We have lost 3-4 fence posts as they no longer have anything to cling to. The fence is only remaining now because of the few trees that are barely standing to support it. Again, when I reported this (over a year ago) I was told that the city "could not afford" to fix these problems. There are some very large trees clinging to the side of this ditch, some very precarious. What happens when one of them comes down and takes out my house? This is dangerous and needs to be addressed. Thank you.
    Awaiting your response,
    D.L. Stephenson
  • 35803 Huntsville, AL, USA - Huntsville
    New street under development in the Dairy at Oak Grove. New street name is South Meadows Drive. At one point in time I ran into Joel Ostrander (site supervisor with Davidson Homes) and asked him when the street lights would be put in and he said he didn't know and they weren't planning on installing them. I thought this was the responsibility of the builder / land developer to install these along with the city. Homeowners will be moving onto that street in 2 months or less and this will pose a security risk.
  • 12000-12096 Chaney Thompson Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Here we go AGAIN! The intersections of Chaney Thompson - Mt. Gap and Chaney Thompson - Wynsom are back to being very dangerous during school drop off and pick up times. I witnessed 2 near misses on Chaney Thompson and 3-4 on Wynsom this morning alone. All of these were from drivers not following traffic laws: making U-turns at street entrances, not yielding to oncoming traffic, not having proper following distances (sometimes barely any distance at all), etc. We have asked repeatedly for increased traffic enforcement at these intersections. It has been periodically provided and individuals continue the dangerous behaviors in front of officers with no penalty. At what point is the safety of those around the school important? I've been nearly hit several times by people using my driveway as a turnaround at unsafe speeds. When will the safety of children walking home become a priority? Please help make our neighborhood safe again.
  • 3918 Hawthorne Avenue Southwest Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Picnic table has been removed from its concrete pad. I know it puts it under the shade tree but it was not originally meant to be there.
  • 10304 Essex Dr Sw Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Corner of Essex dr and buckingham. House has 2 shipping crates in yard along with trees cut up for selling along with house next door in Essex. Crates have bee there more than a year along with all the piles of wood in yard. Unsightly and breeds animals
  • 7500 Whitesburg Dr Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    The only thing preventing this pole from falling into Whitesburg Dr is that the lines on the leaning pole are hitting the new pole. We know Huntsville Utilities can only move their lines. Why doesn't the city get AT&T, WOW & Comcast to move their lines?
  • 1798 Old Monrovia Road Huntsville, Alabama - Huntsville
    Traffic circle has been in place for many years and numerous drivers still are not maneuvering it correctly. Providence Main exiting to Old Monrovia eastbound is the only traffic immediately allowed in the right lane but traffic in the circle from the other feeders often exits the circle directly into the right lane crossing the solid white line. Domed traffic control devices need to be installed along the pavement's white line to help direct traffic correctly. The white line has been repainted more frequently than other lines because of the right of way violations. See attached view; domes needed along drawn red line.
  • 2609 Wynterhall Rd Se Huntsville, AL, 35803, USA - Huntsville
    Telecome installer drove on my lawn, leaving ruts. They also left an unburied cable, and left the telecom box open with wires hanging everywhere.