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  • 2201 Norton Way Antioch 94509, United States - Antioch
    Homeless encampment on the railroad right of way next to the Animal Clinic on A Street.
    The city needs to create a point of contact between the railroad security department and the City of Antioch so that these continued encampments can be dealt with in a more expedient manner. This is not a good image for the Animal Clinic.
  • 3353-3357 Hacienda Way Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    Home was foreclosed a while ago.
    Folks moved in recently. Public records show home has not been sold recently.
  • Mt Hamilton Dr Antioch, CA 94531, USA - Antioch
    On Mt. Hamilton Road by the Middle School.
  • 221 W. 17th St Antioch, California - Antioch
    This abandonded property has been an eyesore and neighborhood nuisance for years. The windows are broken. The paint is peeling. The gate is falling off. Neighbors have complained to various city departments for a long time.
  • 1236 Almondwood Drive Antioch, CA - Antioch
    We have squatters in1236 Almondwood Drive. The water has been shut off twice, now they go around the neighborhood with blue 5 gallon water bottles sneaking and asking for water. There's different people coming and going at all times of the day and night.they have a dog that barks all the time and is allowed to run loose up and down the street. There's at least 8 people at times living in the house which includes kids. This needs to be addressed. If anyone knows where I can look up the property owner, I am more than happy to contact them!
  • A St Antioch, CA, 94509, USA - Antioch
    The homeless CITY is totally out of control. Yeah we all understand this is on railroad property and that the homeless are hands off, but this is a GROWING HEALTH HAZARD for the community and neighbors that have to see, hear and smell the filth. There is a mountain of trash and the number of tents are increasing. Our Council must take control of this and NOW. The Council was elected to among other things maintain a safe and healthy environment for its citizens, this isn't it. The Council must direct staff to coordinate with the railroad to keep this area clear of this hazard on a permanent basis. Nowhere in Bentwood, Oakley or Pittsburg do you see these tent cities at railroad crossings. I would assume they don't allow it or are in constant contact with the railroad to keep these things under control in their communities. Another thing that leads to the growing mountain of trash are people dropping off items to the homeless. Those items that are not wanted end up in the trash heap. Citizens of Antioch, you are not doing the homeless any favors and are certainly contributing to the problem. Get it done, either through coordination with the railroad or advise the railroad the City will contract to have it removed. TBA
  • 2100 A St Railroad Ave, antioch, CA - Antioch
    the homeless camp behind central self storage has scattered a large amount of trash around there tents. this is terrible. its one thing to need a place to sleep but another to trash out a entire area. this leads to rodent, bugs, and wild/stray animals . we need to do something about this problem. just pushing people down the tracks is not working. it hurts are businesses, it hurts are city, it hurts are people. the homeless problem is out of control. we need to do something about this now
  • 815 Sunset Dr Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch
    Homeless encampment behind Antioch Mini Storage. Red tent and garbage is starting to collect back there.
  • 2026-2098 A St Antioch, CA, 94509, USA - Antioch
    We heard the city has approved a homeless encampment. Is this it?
  • 5332 Navajo Way Antioch, CA - Antioch
    Squatters in for 2 and half months, tried to by-pass gas meter and set fire to the house,accusing husband of setting fire, bank restores power 2 weeks later, squatters sueing bank, squatters putting threatening sign on ajoining fence( RIP)a lot of traffic in and out ,threathening fire to my house, speeding through neighborhood
  • 2201 A St Antioch, CA 94509, USA - Antioch

    Can the city of Antioch city leaders PLEASE do something about the homeless in this area? my property is right on the other side of the wall, the area smell likes feacis and strong urine smell. we have found needless in our backyard

    PLEASE DO SOMETHING!!!!! This is unacceptable......

  • 3674-3920 Deer Valley Road Antioch, California - Antioch