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  • 232 Yam Gandy Road Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Tree behind resident's home is partially uprooted and leaning onto another tree. If tree falls, it will fall to Club property, #4 Plantation. Resident wants someone to look at tree and tell her what to do. Leave note on door if she is not home.
  • 19 Franklin Creek Road North Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Resident can't see the sign at the entrance to Franklin Creek from Landings Way South. She thinks the shrubs are too high.
  • 6 Sweet William Retreat Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Tree at corner of Sweet William and Westcross Road is still hanging over street. Resident said other trees were trimmed but this one remains and is dangerous. It is a large pine tree.
  • Lagoons Archived
    14 Rookery Road Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Lagoon on Rookery has dead fish in it. There is an odor and the vultures are everywhere
  • Old South Lane Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Move the Old South Lane sign to the opposite side of the street. Call GA 811. Several residents called to complain of a blind spot
  • 39 Cabbage Xing Savannah, GA, 31411, USA - Landings Association
    Road is flooded at Cabbage Crossing and West Crossing
  • 202 Wiley Bottom Rd Savannah, 31411United States - Landings Association
    Came to visit my parents yesterday and noticed mailbox door wide open and one screw hanging out of the side mount. Tried to shut mailbox (after removing mail) and noticed box has been scraped on the front corner and post is wobbly. Im not sure who is hitting the box...mail truck? could it be positioned about 6-10 inches further back from the curb?
  • 1 Monastery Rd West Savannah, Georgia - Landings Association
    The large pine tree fell during the storm and parts fell in the yard as well as the golf course. The large trunk is broken over and suspended in the air. I've seen kids playing in the woods before and wanted to report the tree so no one would get hurt. It is also a eyesore looking at it from our backyard or porch.I know you guys have had your hands full and thanks for all you do. It's located in the wooded area in the rear.
  • Facilities Archived
    4 Franklin Ct Savannah, GA 31411, USA - Landings Association
    Pole damaged at the bottom also leaning to the right may fall
  • 18 Rookery Road Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Storm debris was picked up from one side of the street only. Please return to pick up the rest of the debris.
  • 115 Pettigrew Dr. Savannah, Georgia - Landings Association
    This is my second report of this problem!
  • Facilities Acknowledged
    N Landings Way Savannah 31411, United States - Landings Association
    There is not a light on the guest call box at the Marshwood north gate to illuminate the call box like the other gates. This makes the box difficult for guests to see and use at night, when a guard is not on duty since the sign showing the hours is also not illuminated at night. Can this box be updated like the other guest boxes?