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  • 9 Southerland Road Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Resident stated someone hit her mailbox. She is not sure who, but would like to have it repaired.
  • 109 Pettigrew Drive Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Serious deer issue - they are eating resident's orange trees (citrus) - they have never eaten them before, but are now attracted to these trees, along with many other flowers and plants in resident's yard.
  • Priest Landing Dr Savannah, GA 31411, USA - Landings Association
    Requesting trimming of tall hedge, weed control and pine straw application around the Tower Point sign entrance. It is all dirt and weeds which are unsightly.
  • 27 Rookery Road Savannah, Georgia - Landings Association
    I wrote in October about tree damage in empty lot where limbs could cause damage to my house. I was advised owner was to take tree down. That was nearly 2 months ago and nothing has been done. Please advise what owner is going to do. Thank you
  • 23 Chatuachee Crossing Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Resident is having a armadillo issue. They have their own trap if you would like to set it up for them.
  • 2 Ward Lane Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Multiple Deer visiting yard
  • 2 Huntingwood Retreat Savannah, GA 31411, USA - Landings Association
    In light of the continued problem w golf car path sharing (w pedestrians, bicycles, and other carts) the association needs to place some fill along the sides of the path leading to Franklin Creek. Especially near the intersection at Huntingwood Retreat where the drop off on the side is nearly a foot deep. If a cart goes off there it will roll over. Continuing along the path the drops continue. Some gravel fill will give us room to share the path without careening out of control or ruining our golf carts. The path near the main gate leading to the village could use some too! Minor expense major impact!
  • 12 Gray Heron Retreat Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Resident stated someone hit his mailbox and need to be replace.
  • 21 Wiley Bottom Road Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Mailbox door will not close properly - please evaluate for repair.
  • 8 Wesley Crossing Savannah, chathem, Georgia - Landings Association
    There is a section of a dock up against the side of cart path. Partially in the lagoon it appears someone tried to pull it out if the lagoon, but it was too heavy and large. Several more very long boards floating in lagoon
  • 25 Magnolia Crossing Savannah, GA - Landings Association
    Please reset the trap at resident's house - the armadillo has returned. The trap is underneath the steps.
  • 7 Fore Royal Circle Savannah, Georgia - Landings Association
    Dead tree branch needs to be removed and also the tree where the branch was location should also be removed.