Watertown Dept. of Public Works

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Watertown (Mass.) Department of Public Works

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  • Watertown & Theurer Park - Watertown
    Another car accident tonight, possibly involving pedestrians, at the intersection of Watertown/Rt 16 & Theurer Park. Cars existing Stop & Shop & cars trying to get onto Route 16 compete to get onto the road. 4 way stop sign needed or a lit pedestrian cross walk!
  • 81-91 Partridge St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown

    The town spent a hefty sum last year to build a new pedestrian gate here (Partridge St / Ridgelawn entrance). This year the gate is almost always locked.

    Please give back pedestrian access to the cemetery grounds!

  • Watertown Residential Sidewalks Watertown, MA - Watertown

    Some residents are great -and it's appreciated!
    - do only enough to get to their cars.
    - go only as far as their 'property line' piling snow into a mountain pedestrians cannot cross.
    - ignore the sidewalk/street barrier
    - do NOTHING.

    Please -if you are/or know of folks who need help -refer them to snow crew.org.

    Please don't force us and our children into traffic

  • 51 Rosedale Rd Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown

    People crossing Acton St. often don't realize the cross street has no stop sign. I've seen near-misses way too often, as it seems like there should be a 4-way stop until you get right on top of the intersection.

    Rosedale is a heavily trafficed street - people use it to cross from Main St. to get over the bridge.

  • 682 Pleasant St Watertown, MA 02472 - Watertown
    there are multiple potholes along this street that must be fixed.
  • Just a lot of impossible to avoid potholes that make Grove St. NW treacherous!
  • (pothole) Acknowledged
    149 Grove St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
  • Its an everyday obstacle course on Nonantum... The left lane is always your best bet but there are still craters in that lane as well. R lanes on both sides are a hazard.
  • 272 Dexter Ave Watertown, MA - Watertown
    Hit a huge pothole on dexter ave in watertown last night and had a flat tire. I had to spend $400 to repair my tire!!!! Please fix it!!
  • 298 Mt Auburn St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    Deep pothole approximately 3 ft long, 1 ft wide and 6 inches deep in righthand southbound lane of Mt. Auburn St. shortly before Bailey St. caused my car to sustain a flat tire.
  • 79-123 Pleasant St Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    Double phone poles across from 99 Pleasant. The street light is also out for many months. Poor visibility
  • Galen St And Mt Auburn St Watertown Ma 02452 USA - Watertown
    There is no visible indicators that hwy 20 is a hard left turn from my auburn. Hwy 20 Is not marked anywhere near here... Even when it splits off and other turns can lead you to a bleak future on the mass pike!! Label your roads!