Watertown Dept. of Public Works

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Watertown (Mass.) Department of Public Works

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  • potholes Archived
    383 School St Watertown, MA - Watertown
    the end of school st where it meets belmont st is a complete off road zone, filled with potholes. there is no section of road at this intersection that is free of potholes. it's been like this for well over a year, and get worse with each subsequent storm. FIX IT, WHERE ARE MY TAX DOLLARS GOING????
  • 24 Oakland Street Watertown, MA - Watertown
    A second bedroom available with a queen bed, as well as two couches. Comfortably sleep 2-3, maybe 4.
  • 28 Cuba Street WATERTOWN, MA - Watertown
    One full bed in private bedroom - can take 1-2 people. Myself and my husband in a single family home with 2 cats. We want to help. We both work. Available for one night.
  • 64 Marion Road Boston, MA - Watertown
    We don't have a ton of room, but there's space for two on a large and comfy couch here in Watertown.
  • Space for one Archived
    171 Lexington Street Watertown, MA - Watertown
    Whatever available to accommodate (shower, food, drinks, place to sleep)
  • pothole Open
    149 Main Watertown, Massachusetts - Watertown
    Big pothole
  • Pothole Archived
    72-98 Fairview Avenue Watertown, Massachusetts - Watertown
    Large pothole at the bottom of the hill.
  • 34 Fairview Avenue Watertown, Massachusetts - Watertown
    potholes and patch jobs that need to be replaced and fixed.
  • 32-58 George Street Watertown, Massachusetts - Watertown
    This sidewalk was just re-done in the past year and already the surface layer of the concrete is lifting. It is pitted and failing already. I wanted to let you know so that you do not use that same mix/formula/vendor.
  • Powerline low Archived
    21 Oakland St Watertown, Massachusetts - Watertown
    There is a powerline dangerously low in front of 21 Oakland St.
  • 20-24 French Street Watertown, Massachusetts - Watertown
    A long dead street tree across from 21 French Street requires removal.
  • 149 Main Street Watertown, MA 02472, USA - Watertown
    Road is excellent