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  • 54 Bridge St Newark, NJ 07102, USA - Central Business District
    If a pedestrian presses the cross walk button it changes the cycle to green for 30 seconds & red for 1 minute, instead of being green for 1 minute also. I guess the logic is the pedestrian doesn't have to wait a whole minute to cross. Well considering a lot of pedestrians cross there between 8:00-9:30AM, including me, the light is red significantly longer than green on a 6 lane road with the button frequently being pushed. It's causing a traffic nightmare & this is the slow season. This was just changed in June & by the next day traffic was backed up all the way to the beginning of McCarter Hwy. In September it will be backed up to Belleville once schools are back. Then once the Devils & Nets season comes around in Oct, night time will be just as bad. This is the intersection of McCarter Hwy & Bridge St in Newark & is causing quite the back up when you come into Newark from Rt.21 S.
  • Bruen St Newark 07105, United States - North Ironbound
    Graffiti all along the side of the wall that separates the church parking lot from the street, and the graffiti continues onto a construction barrier just past it.
  • Bruen St & Lafayette St Newark, NJ, 07105, USA - North Ironbound
    The intersection of Bruen and Lafayette Street needs a stoplight. Cars constantly speed on Lafayette Street and refuse to stop when cars or pedestrians are crossing over. I have witnessed near accidents on a regular basis. It is worse during the morning and evening rush hour.
  • 533 Ferry St Newark 07105, United States - North Ironbound
    This restaurant treats our street’s sidewalk like its personal garbage can. Dumpster illegally on sidewalk 24/7, grease poured out kitchen onto sidewalk, boxes piled up. It’s our sidewalk not your garbage can!
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    Hamilton St Newark 07105, United States - North Ironbound
    Having one City trashcan located at the corner of Hamilton and Bruen would be a huge help. Commuters routinely toss trash on the street while walking to their cars. And some dog owners decide not to pick up because finding someplace to put the dog waste can be nearly impossible. How might we go about getting a City trash can here? Thanks!
  • 168 Mcwhorter St Newark, NJ 07105, USA - North Ironbound
    Business restaurant delicias de minas and is running inlegal car advertising in the east ward, ironbound. white hummer is playing loud music at ferry street and other locations. infrigding city regulations about noise and disturbance without proper permit to run vehicle advertising business in the city of newark infringing business codes. business has been doing this for over a year with multiple events. see pictures for more information.
  • 155 Jefferson St Newark 07105, United States - North Ironbound
    Garbage all the way up the block. Abandoned property
  • 34 Davenport Ave Newark, NJ, 07107, USA - Upper Roseville
    This bar owner located at 666 N7th Davenport Ave Newark NJ is committing a parking violation. He’s always parked in the side walk. I am a handicap 70 year old, and is Difficult for me to walk. When this car is is parked on the sidewalk, I have to go around and walk on the streets which is very dangerous to my life. The police is aware of this parking violation and they don’t do anything to stop it. The police drive past and keeps going instead of issuing this person with the proper ticket
  • 15 E Kinney St Newark, NJ 07102, USA - Central Business District
    the sidewalk is a mess
  • 1–57 New Jersey Railroad Ave Newark 07105, United States - North Ironbound
    It’s on the wall and another wall about 100 yards from there under the bridge.
  • 109 Bruen St Newark NJ 07105, United States - North Ironbound
    Missed cardboard pickup. Cardboard was placed outside yesterday in the early evening.