Near Southside, Fort Worth, TX

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  • 1119 8th Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 - Southside
    The traffic lights on Rosedale, particularly at 8th & Rosedale, rarely give pedestrians a walk light. The intersections and the road itself are far too single-mindedly car oriented.
  • 1821 May St Fort Worth, Texas - Southside
    The entire block has had gas-line repairs, but now the street is very uneven with many holes that are damaging my tires and car. It continues to get worse
  • 1905 Windsor St Fort Worth, Texas - Tcu-West Cliff
    On the west side of the intersection of Windsor Pl and 8th there are terrible pot holes that span almost the entire street.
  • 429 College Ave. Fort Worth, Texas - Southside
    Two street lamps out along west side of property and 2 others out along the south side of property.
  • garbage Archived
    Sunset Estates Humbodlt Sk Canada - Southside
    bin is in curb. over flowing. garbage on ground around it. needs cleaning up.
  • 1113 College Ave Fort Worth, TX 76104 - Southside
    The traffic light sensors at College & Rosedale (and at most of the intersections on Rosedale) do not respond to bicycles, forcing riders to run the red light at their peril.
  • Trinity Blvd At S Norwood Dr Fort Worth, TX - Southside
    Ever since a strong wind in November, a Southbound Norwood traffic light has "aimed" at Westbound Trinity traffic. The attached photo taken from westbound Trinity shows two red lights, and one yellow light (for Norwood traffic). By the way, the speed enforcement on Trinity has really gone downhill. It's 40, and even when I drive close to 50 people are coming up on me as if I were at walking pace. Need to issue a few tickets and put the fear of Jesus into these renegades again.
  • 2100 College Ave Fort Worth, TX - Southside
    graffiti on a wall and various stop signs
  • Centreport Drive between Trinity and Statlet, Fort Worth, TX - Southside
    The street lights located in the medium on Centreport Drive, between Trinity Statler, have not been working for several weeks. The sidewalk is winding and uneven, and is only on one side of the street. This road leads to area businesses, apartments, hotels, the airport shuttle, and the rail station. It is dangerous to walk without the street lights.
  • POTHOLE!!! Archived
    708 Pennsylvania Avenue Fort Worth, TX - Southside
    Giant pothole in the left lane in front of this business.
  • 2628-2636 Forest Park Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76110, USA - Tcu-West Cliff
    Pothole in center of two lane. Needs fixed due to dangerous curve parking on both sides.
  • 1101 W Vickery Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76104, USA - Southside
    whole block of solid potholes.