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330 East 63rd Street
Suite 1K
New York, NY 10065

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250 Broadway
Suite 1762
New York, NY 10007

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  • F D R Dr New York NY - North Sutton Area

    The Greenway is still incomplete from 41-60 streets on the East Side. 9 cyclists have been killed in 12 years (1995-2007). Close the Gap and save lives!

    *** Update ***
    The extension to Glick Park now extends the esplanade to 41 Street, or a bit beyond. The extension to Andrew Haswell Green Park on the northern end of the gap, will soon extend the esplanade south to 60th street. So, there are only 19 blocks left to Close The Gap!

  • Potholes Archived
    325 Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge Approach New York, New York - North Sutton Area
    Several potholes have been reported (DM2015136002) which endanger pedestrians crossing there. When puddles fill these areas, it is especially dangerous. Please,please repair this area.
  • 338 E 61st St New York, NY 10065, USA - City Council District 5
    Today is the 3 day this week with no heat and no hot water. Usually goes out on a friday - earliest someone from city will come inspect is Tuesday afternoon due to weekend. Many weekends without heat and hot water - landlord may fix by Monday afternoon or Tuesday morning in time for city inspectors arrival.
  • 430 E. 72nd Street - City Council District 5
    This manhole cover has been re-lined. No more noise.....for a while.
  • Tram at 9pm Archived
    Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge Manhattan, NY 10022, USA - City Council District 5
    The manhattan platform is packed. PLEASE extend "rush hour"!
  • 401 East 57th Street New York, New York - North Sutton Area

    There is a large pothole on E. 57th (off 1st Avenue), right hand side (SE corner)

    Also, there are 2 large potholes when you turn right onto 1st Avenue between 57th-58th. Another large one is in the middle of 1st avenue (58th Street)

    Thank you!

  • Ed Koch Queensboro Bridge Manhattan, NY 10022, USA - City Council District 5
    Really, one tram after 8 is insufficient. Please extend "rush hour" until 10, or at least til 9.
  • 1345 1st Ave New York / New York, NY - City Council District 5
    Traffic driving over the lane of metal plates between 72nd and 73rd streets sounds like a warzone! Ear plugs do not drown out the noise. Please consider closing the right lane, at least at night, while the plates are in place.
  • POT HOLE Archived
    1450 1st Ave New York, NY 10021, USA - City Council District 5
    HUGE pothole in bus lane located between 75th and 76th street. Dangerous for cars, deadly for motorcycles. Its been reported to the city. If you need a witness, please contact me at
  • 89 And 2 Ave Manhattan, Ny - City Council District 5
    Reported from my mobile device
  • dog excrement Archived
    East 80th St And York New York, NY - City Council District 5
    people not cleaning up after there dogs on 80th st btwn First and York Ave
  • 504 E 88th St Manhattan, NY 10128, USA - City Council District 5
    Garbage cans overflowing, and spilling onto the sidewalk. This building already has problems with rats and continues to create conditions that attract and breed them.