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  • 423 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho
    Driven to get across Manhattan to go to Jersey on a Friday? Got to HONK your horn alot, that is clearly what gets you there. See the green light? well how can those north-bound cars get through? THEY CAN'T! so why not HONK! this happpens EVERY light on EVERY cross street from the middle of the island to the tunnel. that is A LOT of NOISE. Why do we have to stand for it? our city council does not care! $350 for Honking signs are posted (a block west and ,near the fire station, two blocks north, but not here!) AND there are NO POLICE to keep order. 7:30 PM, and they are Making NOISE by HONKING in my neighborhood. Bet yours is quiet.
  • 298 Elizabeth St Manhattan, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village

    We are neighbors facing into the backyard between Bowery and Elizabeth Street, below Bleecker have persistent noise problems with late-night parties in the 5th floor of 298 Elizabeth Street. The amplified music from these events is not the usual loud, it is WEAPONS-GRADE LOUD, blasting into the courtyard at a level equal to what an outdoor rock concert would use. We have asked them to at least shut their windows to contain the noise, but they seem unwilling to do this.

    How can we deal with this, civilly ....?

    PLEASE ADVISE and >>>

  • 340 Bowery New York, NY - Greenwich Village
    The White House Hotel has a violation to fix something on the facade of their building. Rather than fix it, they have had scaffolding up for nearly two years. It is unsightly and creepy under there. I live next door and am tired of seeing it. What can be done?
  • Broome Street NYC, NY - Soho
    Do you see the traffis? 4 lanes like an interstate highway, but it is outside my house, and they are stopped, so they HONK constantly, from 11 am Friday through the evening, then again on Saturday, and on Sunday, so they can get across Manhattan 1 mile away to the Holland tunnel. ONe mile away, and HERE they honk. This is not to warn of danger, it is just frustration at waiting. Why don't the police enforce the $350 fine for honking that is posted on Broadway?
  • 425 Broome St Soho, NYC, NY - Soho
    do you see it ? 4 lanes wide like an interstate - but this is residential, outside my home, and the drivers honking keeps me awake -7 stories up and 50 feet back Inside the buiding, the noise is horrendous as the drivers HONK with impunity. How would they like me honking randomly in their neighborhood?
  • 2-12 Walker St New York, NY 10013, USA - Tribeca
    No one ever heeds the stop sign at w broadway and beach st.
  • 429 Broome St New York, NY - Soho
    Cars in SOHO block the grid and HONK all Friday afternoon, $350 fine for honking posted 1 block away, PLEASE STOP them!
  • 482 Broadway New York, NY - Soho
    and the cars HONK all the time. Here is Broadway, see the cars blocking 3 lanes of south-bound Broadway? after some time a lone line starts to get through. Where are the police? the NOISE many blocks away is miserable.
  • walk21 Archived
    W 8th St 8 New York, New York - Greenwich Village
    Ben gives talk about seeclickfix
  • 334 Bowery New York, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village
    As hard as I try to keep the tree well in front of 334 Bowery clean and living, people continue to throw all sorts of garbage into it. It seems a loosing battle. And it is killing my plants. You can't begin to imagine the stuff I pick out of there.
  • East Broadway And Canal St New York NY - Lower East Side
    coming from clinton st and heading toward rutgers street, the surface quality from canal to rutgers is filled with potholes, inch deep scrapes and uneven service. routinely, cyclists move into the main lane to avoid accidents.
  • 61 Delancey St New York, NY 10002, USA - Lower East Side
    Fire plug broken off on South side of Delancey Street, New York between Allen and Forsyth. It has been there at least two days ignored by whomever. It should be restored its functional location seen on the side walk in the background of this photo.