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New York, NY 10038

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  • 61 Delancey St New York, NY 10002, USA - Lower East Side
    Fire plug broken off on South side of Delancey Street, New York between Allen and Forsyth. It has been there at least two days ignored by whomever. It should be restored its functional location seen on the side walk in the background of this photo.
  • 2-12 Walker St New York, NY 10013, USA - Tribeca
    No one ever heeds the stop sign at w broadway and beach st.
  • Broome Street NYC, NY - Soho
    Do you see the traffis? 4 lanes like an interstate highway, but it is outside my house, and they are stopped, so they HONK constantly, from 11 am Friday through the evening, then again on Saturday, and on Sunday, so they can get across Manhattan 1 mile away to the Holland tunnel. ONe mile away, and HERE they honk. This is not to warn of danger, it is just frustration at waiting. Why don't the police enforce the $350 fine for honking that is posted on Broadway?
  • 104 Canal Street New York, New York - Chinatown
    Every morning I find perplexed tourists walking on the Manahattan Bridge bike lane and looking miserable as bikes whoosh by them. This is likely because the actual pedestrian path is located several hundred feed away, but there is no signage to indicate this, only a pictographic sign indicating "bike lane". There needs to be better signage here, prefereably in more languages than one. There are blind curves on the path, it's narrow, and someone could get hurt!
  • 37-35 E Broadway New York, NY 10002, USA - Lower East Side
  • 495 Lorimer Street Brooklyn Ny - Chinatown
    the coffee shop needs a rack
  • 390 Broome Street NYC, NY - Little Italy
    Typical Friday 5 pm, see the green light? West bound traffic has blocked the intersection
    so no one can go the other direction, and they HONK incessantly.
  • 413 Broome St Manhattan, New York, NY - Little Italy
    These drivers going to the Holland tunnel are blocking the south bound traffic, and do you think they all honk as long as they can't bear to wait? yes, they all honk for E x t e n d e d periods of time. There is a posted sign one block away warning $350 fine for honking. but they do no tcare, no police around even to give a ticket for blocking the grid! It is 6 pm and this is normal for Soho residents. It is excruciatingly LOUD.
  • Madison Street Corner Of Rutgers Street New York, NY - Lower East Side
    Large gap between sidewalk and curb end on Madison Street near the corner of Rutgers Street on the South West corner at the curb side.
  • 423 Broome Street Manhattan, New York, NY - Soho

    My building's Japanese Maple was ripped, branches torn in two, about 6 PM on a Friday night.

    May 21, 2011: just planed another, and some flowers; let's hope they don't get wrecked, or stolen. This morning I saw someone had placed their garbage in the flowers, though. I wonder how that would be viewed in New Jersey?

  • 196 Duane St New York, NY 10013 - Tribeca
    This intersection marks the entrance of a popular park. Children and their caregivers must cross busy Greenwich St. without the benefit of a stop sign.