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3636 Waldo Avenue
Bronx, New York 10463

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  • no heat Open
    529e 235th St Bronx, NY 10470, USA - Woodlawn-Nordwood
    no heat , we get some heat , it comes once or twice a day and then it is only luke warm,
  • Sharrows along this bicycle route, which show a rider with a helmet, are somewhat faded. Some of the sharrows are headless. They should be repainted.
  • 5250 Fieldston Rd Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    The "No Standing Anytime" signs need to removed. Their purpose in being there is negated by the off duty cops who park on the corners of Lakeview Terrace and Post Road constantly.
  • 3356 Hull Ave bronx , new york - Bedford Park
    Street light
    Reported from my mobile device
  • 3546 Dekalb Ave New York, NY 10467 - Woodlawn-Nordwood
    there is no heat in the building during night
  • No Heat Archived
    4660 Manhattan College Pkwy Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    No Heat
  • 512 W 261st St Bronx, NY 10471, USA - Riverdale
    This street is a disaster! Asphalt collapsing, huge potholes -- main road leading into the Hebrew Home for the Aged with more than 1200 residents!
  • 3356 Hull Ave Bronx, new york 10467 - Bedford Park
    Reported from my mobile device
  • Bronx NY 10460, USA - Bedford Park
    No heat , I complainted to super, landlord and 311. There's litlle heat in the AM hours but I'm at work and at PM when I home from work no heat. I heat my home with the stove, which is making my kids and I sick and a elec. heater which is making my bill even higher than normal. Holes under the kitchen sink which it been making my appt. a heaven for mice. I spend money on vemon and glue traps. They won't fix it and I have a court order for repair since May 2009. This is so stressful and costly.
  • Giles Place & Sedgwick Ave. Bronx, NY - Kings Bridge
    I am very happy to report that the MTA has reinstated the original route of the BX1 bus. Amen :)
  • W 236th And Riverdale Avenue Bronx, NY - Kings Bridge
    This thing is a crater. At least 2'Lx2'Wx2'D
    On the southbound lane, as you go downhill. Been there for a few weeks now.
  • Mosholu Parkway North Of Gun Hill Rd Bronx, NY - Woodlawn-Nordwood
    No street lights in newly repaved section north of Gun Hill until the turnoff to Henry Hudson Parkwat