Near Southside, Fort Worth, TX

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  • 9th Ave Fort Worth, Texas - Southside
    There are many pot holes on this street that makes driving a bit hard.
  • 1101 W Vickery Blvd Fort Worth, TX 76104, USA - Southside
    whole block of solid potholes.
  • 1122 5th Avenue Fort Worth, Texas - Southside
    Street light outage
  • 2222 Stanley Avenue Fort Worth, Texas - Tcu-West Cliff
    Street light out
  • 2109 Mistletoe Blvd Fort Worth TX 76110, United States - Tcu-West Cliff
    Private Property tagged
  • E. Hattie Street & South Fwy Fort Worth, Texas - Southside
    When driving on South Fwy--both north and south bound--the lights at Hattie street don't always work correctly. Sometimes all the lights are red at the same time. The north and south bound sections of South Fwy are red MUCH longer than the lights for Hattie street. Seems like this should be corrected, as traffic is usually greater for vehicles traveling north and south on South Fwy.
  • I/20 W From Benbrook Exits To 820 Interchange Fort Worth, TX - Southside
    Why are none of the overhead highway lamps that light the shoulder of I-20 W from Benbrook to the Weatherford exit not working ?!?! Many times at night in the last month, we have nearly hit cars on the shoulder or watched people do the same, due to the roadway being so dark. Please fix this before someone is hit and killed....
  • 1305 Madeline Fort Worth Tx USA - Southside
  • Elizabeth Fort Worth, Texas - Southside
    Corner street light is out at the intersection of S. Adams and Elizabeth Blvd. Northwest side of intersection. There is a round-a-bout at this location and the street light being out makes it an even more dangerous manuver for drivers than usual.
  • pothole Open
    1700 Hemphill Fort Worth, TX - Southside
    pothole northbound
  • 1919 Windsor Place Fort Worth, Texas - Tcu-West Cliff
    There are BIG potholes at the intersection of Windsor place and 8th. My employees keep complaining...
  • 2625 South Adams Street Fort Worth, TX 76110, USA - Southside