Alderman Susan Sadlowski Garza

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  • Hole Archived
    12726 Escanaba St Chicago, Illinois - Hegewisch
    Hole in the middle of the street. A child ruined his bike and got hurt when he hit this hole.
  • Tree Debris Archived
    12618 S Saginaw Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60633 - Hegewisch
    Debris Picked Up
  • 11621 South Avenue O Chicago, Illinois - Hegewisch
    vacant and dangerous open building
  • 8500 S Lake Shore Dr Chicago, IL 60617, USA - South Chicago
    The entire US steel property is like this. How is it nothing has been done after years of neglect?
  • 10731 S Avenue J CHICAGO, IL, 60617 - East Side
  • 13437 S Baltimore Ave Chicago, IL 60633, USA - Hegewisch
    Feeding raccoons in alley.
  • 13431 S Baltimore Ave Chicago, IL 60633, USA - Hegewisch
  • E 85th St Chicago, IL 60617, USA - South Chicago
    Weeds and grass on the site are over 3 feet tall, are overflowing on the sidewalk and have trash intermingled with everything
  • 11215 S Avenue G CHICAGO, IL 60617 - East Side
  • Pothole in Street Acknowledged
    10599 S Indianapolis Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60617 - East Side
  • S Lake Shore Drive & E 87th St Chicago, Illinois - South Chicago

    The city needs to increase "green light" time for the Lake Shore Drive commute as a whole. The worst offender is the E 87th St light, where there is enough not even enough cross traffic to warrant a stop sign, let alone a interminable red light.

    These unnecessarily long red lights are creating scofflaws. and the commute is therefore unnecessarily stressful, chaotic, and dangerous.

    Is the city's strategy is to make everyone notice the non-Mariano's and other plots of land that are falling short of the expected development? Until that vision comes to fruition, can we please have our toll-free highway option be more efficient and less filled with road rage?

  • 2942 E 85th St CHICAGO, IL 60617 - South Chicago