Alderman Willi Cochran

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Watching issues created after: 2010-03-27

Notified About

  • 4900 S Laflin St Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 20
    There are several potholes in the middle of the street on Laflin between 49th Place and 49th Street.
  • 47th & Paulina Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 20
  • 6500 S Langley Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60637 - Woodlawn
  • 658 E 67th St Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Woodlawn
    Store is filthy, and shouldn't be operating in its current condition. Mice droppings were spotted.
  • 6101 South Greenwood Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Woodlawn
    Manhole cover in crosswalk on 61st immediately east of Greenwood is extremely disruptive when driven over. Cover is loose and makes loud noise preventing sleep at night.
  • 6100 S.Ottage Grove Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Woodlawn
    On the south bound side of 61st Cottage Grove there is a street cover that has a pot hole forming around it. There is going to be a serious accident at this site. When spotted at the last minute drivers slam on breaks to slow down quickly and causes others drivers to do the same
  • 970 East 63 - Woodlawn
    Car accidentally knocked down the3 small trees on the parkway. Icee condition
  • 11 East. Marquette - Grand Crossing
    Car left on street very dangerous at night
  • 658 E 67th St Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Woodlawn
    Mice dropping were spotted
  • 1200 East. Marquette - Woodlawn
    No green on. West traffic signals going north
  • 620 E 68th St Chicago, IL 60637, USA - Woodlawn
  • 6417 S Kimbark Ave Chicago 60637, United States - Woodlawn
    Concrete falling from front left side of building in yard hitting our fence