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  • 91st Street East Elmhurst, New York - Jackson Heights
    How is it possible for a home owner to block a parking space outside their house legally?
  • 30-35 91st St Queens, NY 11369, USA - Jackson Heights
    The white ford truck with commercial plates are constantly parking at 91/31 night time, have been parked for years and according to police they don't need to give tickets since that's is up to their discretion not the traffic rules.
  • Any Street Kearny New Jersey - Jackson Heights
    I am writing to express my concern regarding school buses picking up and discharging children from the day care centers in Kearny. Children are pickup up and dropped off at their day cares before and after school.
    On several occasions I have witnessed children loading the buses in the morning ( around 8:00 a.m.) The buses do not have the appropriate lights flashing or bar extended.
    Car and buses pass these buses while children are loading the buses.
    I have witnessed this too many times. I witnessed it again this morning, and want to take action.
    I prefer not to mention the specific location I have witnessed this at, in this post, but I have witnessed it.
    I am asking that this be addressed. Perhaps send an officer to watch. The schools and day care centers (all of them) should be put on notice. I did address this once (somewhat informally) with someone from the Kearny Schools, but it seems that was not enough or perhaps the wrong approach.
    I will contact the Kearny Police, traffic division the Board of Education , and the day care I have seen this happen at, to follow up, but I wanted to get this out there to ask the Town, Board of Education, and Day Care Centers, to help on this issue.
    Thank you for your anticipated help.
  • the water and apt is ice cold
  • Pothole Archived
    111-02-111-88 41st Avenue Corona, New York - City Council District 21
    Very significant size potholes (depth & width) left after waterline repairs were made over 1 year ago. Entire block is uneven and causes cars to swerve. This situation is very dangerous, there are many children playing on the street. Despite the amount of service calls that have been put in to 311 nothing has been done.
  • 30-04 90th St East Elmhurst, NY, 11369, USA - Jackson Heights
    There is an active gushing fire hydrant in front of this house. Water is shut down. Why is the city not fixing or shutting it off?
  • 135-36-135-98 40th Road Queens, New York - City Council District 21
    Sitting in traffic right now. The light never changes and the traffic is just crazy backed up on 40th.
  • 3218 31st Avenue Hillcrest Hgts, Md - Jackson Heights
    We are unable physically to do snow removal. Need help pls.
  • 31-41 92nd St Queens, NY 11369, USA - Jackson Heights
    Empty tree pit with old tree stomp
  • Pothole Open
    9617 Astoria Blvd East Elmhurst, NY 11369, USA - Jackson Heights
    big pothole on the center lane, I almost lost control of my vehicle and crashed into another car. please get this fixed as soon as possible
  • I-84 At Exit 7 - Jackson Heights
    in the east bound middle lane of I-84 just before exit 7 there is a large and very dangerous pothole. I thought my left front wheel would explode. must be fixed immediately!
  • 31-26-31-28 92nd St East Elmhurst, NY 11369, USA - Jackson Heights
    Empty tree pit