NY City Council District 26

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47-01 Queens Boulevard
Suite 205
Sunnyside, NY 11104

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250 Broadway, Suite 1815
New York, NY 10007

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(212) 788-7370

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Notified About

  • 46-17 Skillman Ave. Sunnyside, NY 11104, USA - Sunny Side
  • Vernon Boulevard And 41 Street Long Island City, New York - Astoria-Long Island City
    MTA buses make a left at the Vernon BLVD and 41 Street intersection, when driving up North on Vernon BLVD. In the morning, during rush hours, if a bus waits to make a left, traffic stops sometimes for the duration of one or two lights, creating a hug delay ... this can be avoided if two parking spaces next to the street light, East side of the street, become NO PARKING ALLOWED. Cars behind the buses can then slightly turn right and pass while the bus still waiting to make a left.
  • 10 54 46th Road Long Island CIty, New York - Sunny Side
    Homeless camp forming two doors down from my grandmas house she wanted me to report this issue to the city.
  • 32-45 55th Street Woodside, NY 11377, USA - Woodside

    There is a hug über billboard that has toppled down the embankment here. You can see it as you pass on Amtrak leaving penn station going north.

    I was not able to snap a photo in time. Maybe someone else can. It's just North of the Taxi Insurance building.

  • 39th Avenue woodside, New York - Woodside
    Massive amounts of littering when you walk from 55th street to 61th street along 39th avenue in Woodside Queens. Not one trash can on any street corner during this stretch as well. This is probally contributing to the problem
  • 45-23 Greenpoint Ave Queens, NY 11377, USA - Sunny Side
    Sunnyside, Queens An abandoned kids bike locked to a rack at the corner of Greenpoint ave and 46th street in Queens. In front of the 99 cents shop.
  • 28-10 Queens Plaza S Long Island City, NY 11101, USA - Sunny Side
  • 21st Street Long Island New York City, NY - Astoria-Long Island City
    get them fixed
  • 40-0-40-98 48th Ave Sunnyside, NY 11104, USA - Sunny Side
    Q39 bus ALWAYS late
  • 757 Roosevelt Island Bridge New York, NY - Astoria-Long Island City
    When walking on pedestrian walkway of the Roosevelt Island Bridge near the Queens side, the smell of noxious gas fumes is intense. This must be harmful to the health of people who use the bridge. I believe it is coming from an exhaust vent right along side within the power plant. This is absolutely the wrong location for such a vent!
  • Fence? Open
    48-29-48-99 41st St Sunnyside, NY 11104, USA - Sunny Side
    Illegal fence
  • 24th St & 43rd Ave Long Island City, New York - Sunny Side
    When it rains, the SE corner of this intersection floods.