NY City Council District 27

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113-43 Farmers Boulevard
St. Albans, NY 11412

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250 Broadway
Suite 1865
New York, NY 10007

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  • 1117 Norbay St Franklin Square, NY 11010, USA - Queens Village
    Content blocked by rejections
  • 150-33 86th Ave. Jamaica, NY 11432, USA - Jamaica
    I have called the LANDLORD: David Ham phone: 646 399-9427
    and 311 many times. I am a renter in a two family house. The landlord DOES NOT live there and I can't get his address. I have his name and phone number only.
    It has been very hard during this cold. I have two young children here. They are 2 and 4. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE
  • 185-25-185-99 Merrick Blvd Queens, NY 11413, USA - Saintalbans
    Multiple potholes on west-bound lanes on Merrick Blvd. from Springfield Blvd to Farmers Blvd
  • 115-60 199th St Queens, NY 11412, USA - Saintalbans
    Big enough to swallow a motorcycle!
    Reported to 311 on 3/5/10
  • 125-2-125-98 Farmers Boulevard Jamaica, New York - Saintalbans
    Huge pot hole NB side of Farmers Blvd before Montauk St. (right before you go under the train bridge
  • No heat Open
    120-11 198th Street Queens, New York - Saintalbans
    For 6 years I've had heating problems. Last year like this year was epic. With the freezing temperatures outside my apartment rarely got above 70degeee. And last year when the landlord but in space heaters my electric bill went skyrocketed and I had to force him before he credited me a mere $100. My bill was almost $400 for Feb 2014 alone. It's 5 degree outside tonight and my apt is at 57 degree. It's like someone threw ice water on my bed. Every year same thing. He told me the pipes were improperly installed and he would fix then in the summer last year. Nothing and now this winter my family is suffering again
  • 94th Ave New York, NY - Jamaica

    A multi billion dollar travel system lacks a taxi stand. There is no functioning taxi stand at the Air-Train terminus.

    Get a off plane at JFK, jump on the airtrain to Jamaica and you can't get a taxi. Not much of an integrated travel plan. There is a taxi stand built into the facility but it is closed down.

    Significantly flawed use of public resources and limits the Air-Train value