NY City Council District 30

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District Office Address
6477 Dry Harbor Rd.
Middle Village, NY 11379

District Office Phone
(718) 366-3900

District Office Fax
(718) 326-3549

Legislative Office Address
250 Broadway
Suite 1765
New York, NY 10007

Legislative Office Phone
(212) 788-7381

Notified About

  • Catalpa Ave New York, NY 11385 - Ridgewood
    The catch basin clogs on every rain fall, even a light rain. It's been like this for more than a year. Many people have called 311 to no avail.
  • 69-1 62nd St Queens, NY 11385, USA - Ridgewood
    this is an apartment building, we are people with serious health conditions, there are , also families with small children, there is very little heat inside, we need to use electrical heaters, we will have to pay enormous electricity bills we cant afford. we were given some explanations by the super that he will need to check the radiators, but its been a long time, nothing was done, and the temperatures outside are really dropping
    thank you
  • Long Island Expressway New York, New York - City Council District 30
    This is a Major Issue and I am very surprised it is still not fixed. I have almost crashed with my motorcycle 2 times on this bump getting out of LIE. I have to Lower my speed to about 10- 15 miles to go over it, and every time i am scared to get tail gated. This is the same issue with my 4 door sedan. It needs a serious attention.
  • Pothole Archived
    67-62-67-64 79th Street Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
    4ft pot hole please fix it...
  • Big pothole Archived
    68-7-68-9 79th St Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
    I hit this big pothole last night and it looks like somebody put something in there this morning to warned other people
  • Cooper Ave New York, NY - Middle Village
  • 60-40 Madison Street Ridgewood Ny 11385 - Ridgewood
    It is worse than ever on the corner of freshpond & Madison street. People double park to shop at corner store.
  • 78-23-78-27 68th Road Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
  • 88-29 82nd Avenue Queens, NY 11385, USA - Glendale
  • 21-15 Linden Street Ridgewood, NY 11385, USA - Ridgewood

    My name: Marketin Topallaj, tenant of Ap. 2D
    My contacts: 7184186271 marktopallaj@yahoo.com

    Owner's name: Voislav Vukelic
    Owner's contact: 7188941022

    During this period Oct. 1, Oct. 30, 2014 no heating in all the building.

  • 78-24 68th Rd Middle Village, NY 11379, USA - Middle Village
  • 77-45 79th St Queens, NY 11385, USA - Glendale
    My landlord puts the heat on twice a day for an 1/2 an hour. I have an infant.