Township of West Milford

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  • 23 And High Crest Road: 1728-1730 New Jersey 23 West Milford, NJ 07480, USA - West Milford
    Making a right turn from 23 to highcrest is a dangerous event so we get as far right as possible to slow for the hairpin turn. The road has crumble there and the potholes are deep. Plus, more potholes in the middle of the entrance to high crest road as you make the turn.
  • 584 Lakeshore Drive West Milford, NJ - West Milford
    Another pot hole right after the last one that was fixed
  • OPEN DRAIN Archived
    Corner Of Monmouth And Bergen In West Milford - West Milford
    There is a big hole around the drain. A child or animal could easily fall through the opening.
  • 358 Warwick Tpke West Milford, NJ 07421 - West Milford
    The corner of Lakeshore Drive and Warwick Turnpike needs a traffic light before someone is killed.
  • Route 23 And Oak Ridge Road Jefferson, New Jersey - West Milford
    Red indication LED in need of replacement on pole-mounted signal for traffic approaching Route 23 from Oak Ridge Road.
  • South Richfield Road Hewitt, New Jersey - West Milford
    Pot holes on Warwick turnpike from the small bridge past South Richfield Road
  • Potholes Archived
    12 Germantown Rd West Milford, NJ 07480, USA - West Milford
    Deep potholes need to be fixed.
  • Relda Ave. West Milford, New Jersey - West Milford
    The DPW did such a nice job repairing potholes on all the streets in Highview Estates except for one. Did they run out of asphalt before they got to Relda ?
  • 90 Poplar Grove Terrace West Milford, NJ 07480, USA - West Milford
    One neighbor put a cone in the road to warn of the danger. That part of the road is almost gone and we have to pay roads dues and the board has done nothing to attempt to fix. There is now another one on Clubhouse Road by the mailboxes.
  • 619 Ridge Rd. west Milford. nj - West Milford
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  • 1 Croton Rd Hewitt, NJ 07421, USA - West Milford
  • Route 23 N. West Milford - West Milford
    On Route 23 North, just after the border for Kinnelon ends and W. Milford begins, between the entrance from Paterson Hamburg turnpike and the exit for Highcrest Drive, there is practically no warning that there is a left hand U-Turn coming up for the first U-Turn in W. Milford. There are only signs that say "School bus stop" and "welcome to W. Milford" and "Sharp Turn". The next several U-Turns are all in the left lane and they have ample signs indicating such, but for that first turn, there is only a small sign on the turnoff ramp itself. Many times, cars have swerved across lanes of traffic to take the U-Turn. I see this happen at least twice a week on my commute. If budget concerns are an issue, why not take one of the 6 (yes 6!) signs that are posted for the next turn and move one down to that first turn? There needs to be more warning to drivers that there is an upcoming U-Turn on the left hand side, especially since it is the first left U-Turn on Rt 23 N in that stretch. It is a deadly hazard and absolutely must be fixed!