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  • 15 Sacramento Chicago, IL - East Garfield Park

    I am a parent of a Cps student who attends Collins located at 1313 S Sacramento in Chicago, I am contacting you about safety issues of all the students that have to cross that street to get to their school and I would like to request pedestrians horses places out in the middle of the street so the speeding traffic can slow down and let the students cross the street, Monday through Friday when i drop my son off at school i see how these kids are about to get hit by all the speeding motorist, They need the horses placed to slow the traffic down. The city have the horses placed for the students going To Uic campus on Roosevelt and Halsted and our children are just important as theirs

    Please put out the pedestrians horses up and down Sacramento for the safety of the children. there are no crossing guards for Collins High school students
    July 2, 2010

    For drivers as well as pedestrians and cyclists, traffic around the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) campus can get congested and confusing at times at busy locales such as the intersection of Taylor and Wood Streets and on Harrison Street near University Hall and student dormitories. So confusing, in fact, that a 2002 study by the Chicago Department of Transportation concluded the Taylor and Wood intersection needed a stoplight.

    Previous 2nd Ward Alderman Madeline Haithcock had barred the idea as too costly, so since then UIC Police have placed vertical yellow signs in the streets at both locales that urge drivers to watch for pedestrians. The signs say, “State law, yield within crosswalk,” and have a drawing of a pedestrian. Bill Burton, UIC News Bureau director, said, “The signs are intended to remain in place at all times but sometimes are removed because they were struck by a car or were stolen.” He added UIC has not compiled statistics to determine whether the signs have increased or decreased collisions at these intersections.

    “Anecdotal reports of close calls and near misses and concern for pedestrian safety,” prompted UIC to install the signs Burton said. “UIC Police are writing tickets where violations occur, like for not coming to a complete stop or making an improper turn. They are enforcing the signs. The signs are a good idea.”

    Chicago Police Commander Dennis Keane of the 12th District agreed the current signs “seem to do the job. From what I see people seem to honor the signs. When they see people, they stop.”

  • Polk And Dearborn Chicago, IL - Loop
    Is the stoplight here really necessary? The only time the light turns red is when pedestrians hit the button.
    Wouldn't a stop sign suffice? Pedestrians and motorists wouldn't have to wait for the light to turn green/red and would be able to get on with their life. I've seen stop signs be used like this near DePaul University and motorists always stop for pedestrians (...because, you know, it's the law). I've never seen it become a problem. If anything, replacing this stoplight with a stop sign would save electricity and the patience of motorists and pedestrians. Just a suggestion.
  • Near West Side Chicago, IL, USA - Near West Side
    Sidewalk is missing.
  • 728 W Jackson Blvd Chicago, IL 60661, USA - Near West Side
    This hole was cut into the sidewalk over one year ago. It is just west of 728 W. Jackson, where bridge over I-94 begins. No more work has been done on it. It is a tripping hazard on a route taken by many to Greektown.
  • 2648 W Washington Blvd Chicago, IL - East Garfield Park
    Work needs to be done on this block of Washington Blvd to sewers to prevent flooding like what happened twice in summer 2010. Not sure if it has been done, but work around this manhole has ceased to happen for months now but a barrier remains. I'd like to see any remaining upgrades to sewage system move forward asap and then construction equipment removed.
  • Stop sign Archived
    1851-1899 W Ogden Ave Chicago, IL - Near West Side
    A four way stop sign needs to be placed on the corners of Ogden and Congress by the Eisenhower Expy. Too many pedestrians have to rush crossing the street in fear of cars speeding to cross Ogden ave. There will either be an accident or a pedestrian will get hurt.
  • 1700-1712 W Roosevelt Rd Chicago, IL 60612, USA - Near West Side
    curbcut is too steep is hard for wheelchairs to use.
  • Other Open
    158-166 W Harrison St Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Loop
    Need stop line and crosswalk lines reprinted at corner of Harrison Street and Financial Pl. I have seen many cars run the red light in both directions as they don't know where to stop.
  • 930-998 West Van Buren Street Chicago, IL 60607, USA - Near West Side
    Very bad sidewalk condition.
  • 100-128 N Talman Ave Chicago, IL 60612, USA - East Garfield Park

    Entrance is on Talman and stretches west about 400 feet.

    Garbage trucks can't get in to pick up garbage for all homes in this alley.

  • 2650 W Washington Blvd Chicago, IL - East Garfield Park
    Stop signs were put in recently on Washington Blvd at Talman and Washtenaw, but people don't always stop. A speed bump is needed in front of the school.
  • 52 W. Roosevelt Rd. Chicago, IL - Loop
    drain grate near north edge of pavement is bent or deformed slightly, so it clangs loudly whenever a vehicle crosses it.