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Park Slope area

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  • 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 - Park Slope
    Trucks on 7th Avenue have no respect for residents or their environment, leaving their engines on while drivers deliver goods to nearby restaurants and shops. The trucks cause unnecessary pollution, noise and nuisance. If you're parked, turn your noise-making engine OFF!
  • 914 Union St New York, NY 11215 - Park Slope

    Traffic gets constantly backed up along Union Street due to the very short street light on Union Street leading into Grand Army Plaza.

    This traffic backup results in excessive honking from drivers who are stuck in the bottleneck. This really disrupts the peace of an otherwise peaceful and quiet neighborhood block

  • 8th St And 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    When work was done on 8th St two years ago, the crosswalks were never repainted, creating a danger for pedestrians in an area with several schools.
  • 102 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope

    This area has white lines painted showing where the bus stops end and it's ok to park. That's great, but as you drive up to an empty space, 80% of the time it's a fire hydrant. There's no way to tell whether it's a parking spot or a fire hydrant until you've driven past the empty space far enough to see the hydrant, holding up traffic for no reason.

    Instead, when the lines are painted, they should be changed in the 15+15 feet exclusion zone around a fire hydrant, so drivers can clearly see whether it's a parking spot or a fire hydrant before we get to it. Maybe change the line to red in that region, or use hash marks, etc. (I am talking about the line on the street, not the curb. The curb paint is useless when it is not visible behind parked cars.)

    This would also help us know if we're legally far enough away from the hydrant or not, fitting in more cars. This area is hard enough to find parking as it is. Cars won't have to slow down as much, reducing pollution from their exhaust and noise pollution from jerks honking behind them.

    (Ideally, this would be done everywhere that parking is scarce, but we'll start here because there are already lines being painted in this area.)

  • Litter Open
    564-572 Pacific St Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Boerum Hill

    Litter covers the sidewalk at the end of each day at the corners of Pacific St. and 4th Ave.

    I've reported this issue via 311, but the report stated that it was not a problem. There is a serious litter/open garbage problem all along 4th Avenue extending south from Pacific St.

    The business owners along that stretch do not clean up the trash either so it ends up blowing around into yards, tree/flower beds, and all over the sidewalk. It's disgusting!

  • 202 Prospect Ave New York, NY 11215 - Park Slope
    Almost every time I walk down Prospect Ave I smell a weird chemical smell when I pass a storm drain. This is downhill from a linen supply company - smells kind of like a dry cleaning chemical smell.
  • 714 Sackett St New York, NY 11217 - Park Slope
    No Heat or hot water
  • 523 12th St Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    the street was resurfaced recently, and they apparently decided to just dump some of the excess asphalt on the sidewalk.
  • 361 15th Street Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope

    The Park Slope Armory Shelter needs volunteers!

    Thank you to the 100s of volunteers this past week. You have been amazing. BUT, the need continues with even more residents moving in tonight! Came out and work a shift or two at the Park Slop Armory. Volunteering is easy, rewarding and they need you! The staff is so happy to see enthusiastic, willing volunteers showing up throughout the day and night BUT they need more! So spread the word, post it on any sights, bring a friend and head out to the armory!

    - Park Slope Armory is located at 361 15 street between 7th and 8th avenues.
    - This shelter houses about 300-350 people from 2 nursing homes in the Rockaways. Mostly a senior population, many with health challenges.
    - They can use 50 volunteers a day and 40 at night! Volunteers help with general support, food preparation, daily routines, meals, social support and logistics.
    - Volunteers shifts last at least 4 hours. During the day, come any time. At night, they need volunteers as well. Think about coming for one of 3 nighttime shifts:
    • 8:00pm-12:00am
    • 12:00am-4:00am
    • 4:00am-8:00am ( Double shifts are welcome!)
    • Anyone interested in volunteering should show up and report to the volunteer desk. You will receive a 20 minute training/orientation and more training depending on your assignment.
    • Things to know: Where comfortable clothes, no photos and no kids (sorry).
    • Donations: they need food for the staff and volunteers. So if you want to cook, bake or bring some good healthy food for the staff that works around the clock! They would be most appreciative.

  • Prospect Pk Sw - Bartel Pritchard Sq Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    Abandoned bike Found at 15th street and Prospect Park West (Bartel Pritchard Square) Park Slope Brooklyn Reported to 311 by WNYC
  • 442 5th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    Massive potholes in bike lane coming down 9th street hill. Very dangerous.
  • 55 North Elliot Place Brooklyn NY 11205, USA - Boerum Hill
    We have two elevators in the building; odd and even, the odd elevator has been broken for almost seven years. The second elevator is currently out for almost 1 week.