Park Slope

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Park Slope area

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  • 110 Prospect Place Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope
    The street surface has sunken steeply in a line parallel with the wheels of vehicles. This is particularly treacherous for bicycles, since it is hard to see at night, and it's on a downward incline.
  • 137 7th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    Little Things Toy Store is a HABITUAL OFFENDER. The law is that merchants may not use more than 3 ft of the sidewalk for display of merchandise. They routinely - daily - use up to 8 feet. Add the parents, strollers, and children congregating around the merchandise, and the sidewalk is truly impassable. Little Things should have to follow the law like everyone else does.
  • 414-418 8th St Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    This abandoned bike has been locked to an NYC No Parking sign for four months. Please remove it.
  • Other Archived
    141-145 Sterling Pl Brooklyn, NY 11217, USA - Park Slope
    Tree is down on a car. This seems new as of 11/14/12.
  • 449 5th Street Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    Sidewalk cracked and sunken at least three inches. Major trip hazard.
  • 575 3rd Street Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    an oil tanker is idling and blocking the cross walk on the SW corner of the intersection of 8th ave and 3rd st in park slope, brooklyn.
  • Open trench Archived
    Prospect Avenue Brooklyn, New york - Greenwood
    About a 40 foot trench was dug for some gas work weeks ago and is just sitting there open. Parts of the Asphalt roadway are falling away around the trench, and more rain spells more trouble. When are they going to finish or fill it in???
  • 570 7th Street Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope
    This pile of dirt and rocks have been in front of the building and the street not repaired since late summer. Numerous complaints have been made. This caused problems for parking, street cleaning and drainage.
  • Other Archived
    509 8th Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    Heat has been turned off since 2/13! No hot water.
  • 360-376 3rd Ave Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Carroll Gardens

    Whole Foods vendors are routinely blocking bicycle lane and sidewalk by conducting business in public realm.

    3rd Ave is an extremely dangerous commuting corridor for cyclists and users of bicycle lane.

  • 40 Lincoln Pl Brooklyn, NY - Park Slope
    Who replaces basketball nets? These hoops never have nets, but other courts have them.
  • 542 6th St Brooklyn, NY 11215, USA - Park Slope
    6th st & 8th ave, Brooklyn