NY City Council District 36

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613-619 Throop Ave.
Brooklyn, New York 11216

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718-919-0740 or 718-919-0741

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250 Broadway
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New York, NY 10007

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  • Morningside Park new York, NY 11213, USA - City Council District 36

    The ice cream truck blares its jingle non-stop for hours on end, including when it is parked.

    This is illegal and should be stopped. No other business blares its advertisements over the neighborhood!

    The truck's information:

    Mister Softer

    License plate: 82921 JZ / New York

    Call 311 next time he's out there for hours!

  • Brooklyn NY 11213, USA - City Council District 36
    925 Prospect Place, Brooklyn, NY 11213. NO HEAT
  • 1700 Albemarle Rd. Brooklyn, NY 11226 - City Council District 36
    Management consistently gives inadequate heating or no heat at all for long stretches of time. There's been multiple complaints to 311 and management but nothing as changed. I'm thinking about contacting a lawyer.
  • Cary St @ Nansemond St Richmond, va - City Council District 36

    Johb can to report the pedestrain walk light not walking.

    NO. The problem has not been fixed!!!!!!!

  • Nostrand Avenue Brooklyn 11216 - City Council District 36
    Nostrand Avenue is dirty and not living up to its full economic potential. Need a BID here.
  • 140-144 Lefferts Pl Brooklyn, NY 11238, USA - Fort Greene
    127 Lefferts lighted sign is always on even though business is defunct.
  • 576 Marcy Ave New York, NY 11206 - City Council District 36

    There's a bicycle tire hanging from the streetlamp, has been for years, and it is so ... very... ugly.

    Please do something! Thanks, Juan

  • 1286 1306 Bedford Ave Brooklyn, NY - Fort Greene
    Frequent blocking of bike lane by placarded cars. Near an already dangerous intersection at Atlantic.
  • 950 Marcy Ave Brooklyn, NY 11216, USA - City Council District 36
    Jeff Groner is the building manager. We called several times to complain about the lack of heat. We also file a report with 311, NYC to express our disappointment with the heat and water. Charlie is the super. He is a nice old man but afraid of Jeff.
  • Willoughby Ave S/W/C Sanford St - City Council District 36
    There has been a street light on on the s/w/c for months . please repair thank you.
  • Prospect Place And Brooklyn Ave Brooklyn, NY 11213, USA - City Council District 36
    It shows both walk and don't walk at same time
  • 533a Quincy Street Brooklyn, NY 11221 - City Council District 36
    I live in a private house apt#4. Iam a new tenant who just came from the shelter, I have toddlers (Twins) which are 19 month old. They are asthmaic. I called the Landlord to complain about the radiator not being covered and about the heat.He said that the covers are my responsibilities and that he would check about the heat. I called him two week back and two time this week. My stove is not working properly, so I can not even use it to keep me and my babies warm.He has not come to the apartment to check, whats the problem. He claimed that heat is on an automatic thermostat. My babies are starting to get sick.