Alderman Pat Dowell

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  • Pothole Archived
    209 E 31st St Chicago, IL - Douglas
    Very large rectangular pothole across from this address in the westbound lane of 31st street. Please fill - must swerve slightly to avoid it.
  • 5035 S. Michigan Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Grand Boulevard
    Debris being dumped in vacant lot and owner at 5044 S. Michigan refuses to maintain the lot, despite the Alderman and neighbors' attempt to contact the owner about the trash collecting in the lot. The lot is now being used as a dumping ground for trash and there appears to be unsanitary items in the lot now.
  • 4700 Block Racine Ave Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 3
    The 4700 block alley in between Racine and Magnolia is in bad shape with some size able and growing potholes since the winter. Thank you
  • 215 E 31st Street Chicago, Illinois - Douglas
    Pot hole has been here for last 3 months, in the westbound lane of 31st street and cannot be avoided due to bike lane posts.
  • 203 E 31st Street Chicago, Illinois - Douglas
    Pot hole is on the curb side of Dunbar Park entrance on NE corner of Indiana and 31st street, have called 311 several times to report and nothing has been done. It is hard for ADA wheelchair bound people to get onto the sidewalk from crosswalk.
  • 1801 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Near South Side
  • 3900-3998 S State St Chicago, IL 60609, USA - Grand Boulevard
  • 330 E 51st St Chicago, IL 60615 - Grand Boulevard
  • 5037 S Michigan Ave Chicago, IL 60615, USA - Grand Boulevard
    Two commercial grease traps have been placed on residential property at what is assumed to be 5035 s Michigan ave, Chicago IL 60615
  • 34 E Cullerton St Chicago, IL 60616, USA - Near South Side
    There had been work being done on the water main at the Wabash & Cullerton intersection. They have dug up the road and it is covered with metal plates where the hole is. However, there has been no work done here in several weeks. In addition, there is construction material that has been on the street (it is blocked off by barricades, but it has just been sitting there). Is this work ever going to be finished?
  • 1535 S Wabash Ave Chicago, IL 60605, USA - Near South Side
  • 46 E Cullerton St CHICAGO, IL, 60616 - Near South Side