Alderman Ray Colon

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Notified About

  • 3401–3499 W Cortland St Chicago 60647, United States - Chicago Ward 35
    Water is not draining at the SE corner of Cortland and St. Louis. There has been a pool of water that extends half a block south down St. Louis for more than week now, even though there hasn’t been any major rain. The drain itself seems to be clear, so the blockage is below street level.
  • 3127 N Christiana Ave Chicago 60618, United States - Avondale
    Water dept apparently has no idea how to care for trees, this will rot the bark.
  • 2409 N Francisco Ave Chicago, IL, 60647, USA - Chicago Ward 35
    3 large and deep potholes in the curb when entering the alley. Cars bottom out when trying to enter/leave the alley.
  • Tree Debris Archived
    3050 W Diversey Ave Chicago 60647, United States - Avondale
    Spruce tree on parkway on corner has a new bagworm infestation this summer. Forestry needs to come by and treat it this fall so that it doesn’t take over and kill the tree.
  • 2648-2670 N Kedzie Ave Chicago, IL 60647, USA - Chicago Ward 35
    In side the Logan Square Blue line station.
  • 1905 N Albany Ave Logan Square - Chicago Ward 35
  • 1902 N Spaulding Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60647 - Chicago Ward 35
  • 2401 N. Kedzie Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 35
    On the east parkway of Kedzie between Fullerton and Altgeld there are several square manhole covers that do not completely cover their holes. It's been this way for months. It seems like they were moved by a utility company or a city department and never replaced properly. It could be a serious safety problem for someone or a dog when there's snow covering the parkway.
  • 3400-3412 W Grace St Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 35
  • 2715 N Whipple St CHICAGO, IL, 60647 - Chicago Ward 35
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    3130 W Cortland St - Chicago Ward 35
  • 3445-3449 W Byron St Chicago, IL 60618, USA - Chicago Ward 35
    At end of alley.