Alderman Brian G. Doherty

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  • Pratt And Odell Chicago, IL - Edison Park
    The speed humps here are too high. They are scraping the bottoms of our cars, which are not modified.
  • N East River Road At Higgins Chicago, Illinois - O'hare
    I have called numerous times in the last mo and no one seems to come out and repair the pot holes on N. EAST River Road between Bryn Mawr and Higgins. The WORST potholes are on EAST River Road in the left turn lane heading North West onto Higgins ave. You can fit your tire into several of them and they are becoming increasingly dangerous to manuever around. There are numerous pot holes in this pavement -both lanes - in each direction - north and southbound on N. EAST River road between Bryn mawr and higgins that need repair. The street seems to be splitting in several areas. - There is also water that pools at that intersection in the Southbound lanes - covering both lanes - each time it rains and gets very slick to drive thru. If you turn into those lanes coming east from Higgins you are almost blindsighted as you immediately find yourself in several inches of water . This is an accident waiting to happen. The road needs either a sewer drain right there or to be regraded so the water flows into the grass/forest preserve and not the traffic lanes. Please get these issues fixed ASAP!! Or refer them to someone who will. The maps show this is in the CHICAGO boundries. Thanks - update - 7-26-13 - STILL NOT FIXED!!! update 8-5-13 - STILL NOT FIXED!! Potholes are getting LARGER!
  • 6737 N Wildwood Ave North Side - Forest Glen
  • 8401-8409 West Bryn Mawr Avenue Chicago, Illinois - O'hare
  • Tree Debris Archived
    5210 North Potawatomie Street Chicago, IL 60656, USA - O'hare
    broken branches in between branches, if it is windy they will fall.
  • 5150 N Delphia chgo, IL - O'hare
    the tree at the SW corner of delphia and Foster is blocking the stop sign,right by the Dirksen school
  • 8711 West Bryn Mawr Avenue Chicago - O'hare
  • Other Archived
    5210 N Potawatomie St Chicago, IL 60656, USA - O'hare
    sewer backing up in street, reported it 10days ago too
  • Other Archived
    6780-6860 North Olmsted Avenue Chicago, IL 60631, USA - Edison Park
    alley apron at 6615 Olmsted
  • 8545 West Bryn Mawr Avenue Chicago, IL 60631, USA - O'hare
  • 7258 West Rascher Avenue Chicago, IL 60656, USA - Norwood Park
    It appears that the houses personal line is collapsing in and the hole it is deep enough that person could seriously hurt themselves. I am not sure if this is personal or private property but this needs to be taken care of before a child gets hurt. It is directly in front of the house by the sidewalk. Thank you.
  • 8501 W Bryn Mawr Ave CHICAGO, IL, 60631 - O'hare