Alderman John Arena

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  • potholes Archived
    5531 W. Edmunds Chicago, IL - Jefferson Park
    Huge potholes in alley between Edmunds and Central.
  • Rat Archived
    5043 West Warwick Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Portage Park
    I saw a rat between two garages in the back alley, 5000 block of Warwick Ave. it was more on the edge of the alley than in the yard.
  • 3968-3998 N Lavergne Ave Chicago, IL 60641, USA - Portage Park
  • 4840 W Berenice Ave Chicago, IL 60641, USA - Portage Park
  • 3910 N Lamon - Portage Park
    Pothole in alley. On lamon between byron snd dakin
  • 5399 N Mc Vicker Ave Chicago, IL 60630, USA - Jefferson Park
    Signs' metal strap cut and sign on ground. Traffic exiting Kennedy EB exit for Austin speeding southbound 5300 Blk of N McVicker Ave as a "cut through" creating extreme hazard to children on the one way northbound street. Been down two weeks already, must a child be ran down and killed before you put a new strap on a sign?!
  • 5653 West Gunnison Chicago, IL - Portage Park
    There is a sinking hole immediately west of the street sewer. The hole is getting larger and there is noticeable sinking around the area.
  • 6325 W Huntington St Chicago, IL, 60646, USA - Norwood Park
  • 3945-3957 N Lavergne Ave Chicago, IL 60641, USA - Portage Park
    Many deep potholes
  • Sewer Water Archived
    4901 Irving Park Chicago, IL - Portage Park
    Flowing into street
  • 5000 W. Grace Chicago, IL, IL - Portage Park
    East of LeClaire
  • Tree Debris Archived
    5632 West Gunnison Street Chicago, IL 60630, USA - Jefferson Park
    Stump removal needed for an Ash tree the city kindly removed in February.