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4517 Ave D
Brooklyn, NY 11203

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  • 2000-2098 Farragut Rd Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Multiples areas of broken sidewalk
  • 1321-1327 Ocean Avenue Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14

    On the block outside the Brooklyn College Gates, there is tons of animal feces along the patch on the sidewalk.

    Brooklyn College has yet to clean it up despite many complaints.

  • Pothole Archived
    2601 Glenwood Road Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Large pothole in center of Glenwood Road in front of our building.
  • 689 E 17 St kings, NY - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Hurricane Irene destroyed a large section of sidewalk (311 cases C1-1-686909843 and 1-1-690358532). DDC came by 9/10/11 and left a notice (#72) that they would repair. 1 week later, pedestrians are still walking in traffic because sidewalk is impassible and creates a dangerous situation.
  • 2601 Glenwood Road Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    The leak is in front of 2601 Glenwood Road. Between East 26th St and Amersfort Place. Originating closer to E 26th Street.
    Water is coming up out of the street, along the curb in front of our co-op. Water is also leaking into our meter room in the basement.
  • 36 Amersfort Place Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    How can i get speed bumps put in this street? We get dollar vans speeding (using it as a shortcut from flatbush) and speeding cars at all hours. We are near 2 elementary schools and daycare centers. I have asked 311, no one knows. Why can't we get a speed bump!?!
  • 538 E 24th St Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Wrecked silver Lincoln t687666c look for yourself
  • 2114 Glenwood Rd Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14

    Hello all,
    The driveway and portion of the front lawn were completed with pavers. Vehicles are parked on the lawn area leaving the driveway unused. No action has been taken to my knowledge concerning this violation of code.

    2114 Glenwood, between 21st and 22nd Streets, south side, appears to be in the process of creating a concrete pad in the front lawn off the driveway.
    There is an existing driveway running to the back of the house.

    John Wright

  • 1264 Flatbush Brooklyn ny 11226 - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Rescue the Perishing church at 1260 Flatbush has multiple members double parking their cars for hours , not just a few minutes to hop in and pick something up, and do this every Sunday now- between Newkirk and Stephens Court - the entire block. It is a traffic hazard and dangerous for those trying to turn the corner - their cars stick out into the crosswalk and we cannot see to get around the corner.
  • 1189 East 29 And 2901 Avenue L - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Is there anything that can be done to get the sidewalks back into use for the public? It is a huge danger for pedestrians to be walking in the street on Avenue L.
  • 657 East 26 Street Brooklyn, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Old dark blue Acura with VA plates (expired registration) has been parked on street for Months.
  • 2601 Glenwood Rd Brooklyn/KINGS, New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    Matte grey car always in front of hydrant across the street from 2601 glenwood road. Will take off plates, why dont these cars get towed assap!?! it disappears as soon as any cop comes.