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  • No Sidewalk Archived
    1201-1213 E 15th St Brooklyn, NY - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    The East side of the street has no sidewalk just mud and broken glass in front of the corner lot. Also, there is a Mechanic's garage that is always blocking the sidewalk with numerous damaged cars all day long. Plus it should be made a one way street, it is way to narrow to traverse in two directions. There are schools on the block, and school busses are forced to squeeze past the other cars making for very unsafe conditions.
    Locust and East 15th should be made one way streets, and have proper sidewalks put in. It is not a safe place for people to walk or drive kids to school.
  • 1326 E 17th St Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    THis abandoned construction site has half the sidewalk fenced off and the remaining portion unpaved- and gets muddy from rain. The site smells bad and blocks the side walk.
  • 1289-1299 E 14th St Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    For a few YEARS there has been constant permits for movie shoots, taking legal parking spaces away from people that live and work in the area. If this is to be consistent, arrangements should be made for alternate side parking or meters being canceled. Alternately the people that are paying for these permits (someone is making money from this, and that is fine) can rent lots and leave space for the rest of us
  • Trash Archived
    2282-2294 Nostrand Ave Brooklyn, NY 11210, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    This intersection is constantly litered with trash. The garbage cans in the area were removed and now the streets are litered with trash and SMALL PLASTIC BAGS of garbage. Please return the garbage cans. Thank you.
  • 1395 Ocean Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    The street in front of the school located at 1395 Ocean Avenue is terribly ripped up along the sidewalk. This is a location where children load and unload off school buses daily. In addition, parents come regularly to visit the school. At this time the street is a potential risk of injury. i believe that the DOT or Dept of Sanitation may have overlooked this area when they did the post snow removal street repairs. Thank you.
  • 2770 Ocean Avenue New York, NY - City Council District 48
    So far, here are the issues we are forced to live with:
    1. Roach/pest infestation that is building-wide and NOTHING has been done in the two years we're living here
    2. Elevator (at least one of them) is making an awful noise and is in a constant state of disrepair.
    3. MOLD - our apt has it in both rooms and in the bathroom, I've spoken with other tenants - same story everywhere. Building owners aren't acting.
    4. Radiators hiss and emit an oily musty smell when the heat is on.
  • 1801 Avenue P Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - City Council District 48
    this is a residential property being used for storage and as a kitchen for store on kings highway
  • Near 1418 Avenue N - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    For years cars have parked at the corner of E. 15th Stree & Avenue N, at the SW corner. There is a traffic light at this intersection, thus no need for this sign. I was surprised to see this sign today. Can you tell me when it was erected?
  • No heat Archived
    1589 Ocean Ave Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
  • COMPLAINT Archived
    972 E.14th St Brooklyn, NY 11230, USA - Brooklyn Community Board 14
  • 1470 East 23 Street Brooklyn New York - Brooklyn Community Board 14
    In 1998 the garage for this premises was converted to a room and an additional room was constructed above. No building permit was issued and the c of o is not in compliance. Numerous complaints and penalties have been issued through 311/building department however the situation remains. This property is an eyesore in our beautiful neighborhood and is a dangerous structure.
  • A Nottingham member complained to me that there are two tree stumps on his block that have been there since May and have not been removed. They are in front of 2601 Avenue M and 2621 Avenue M