Alderman Mary Ann Smith

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  • 1464 W Catalpa Chicago, Illinois - Andersonville
    Rats in alley...PLEASE bait alleys ASAP..problem with local resturants stores etc...
  • 4701-4715 North Racine Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    A commercial construction dumpster has been left abandoned in front of our residential condo building. It has been completely full for several weeks. It has now become an overall trash dumpster spilling out onto the sidewalk & street.
  • 6216 N Winthrop Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 48
    There used to be a speed hump on this block. However, after the road was repaved there is no speed hump anymore. People often speed on this stretch of the road.
  • 5942 N. Broadway Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 48

    Bus stop not visible, parked cars blocking entry to bus. CTA needs to install proper signs to ensure that drivers don't blow by the stop without picking up passengers.

    For details, see:

  • 5199 West Foster Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    As I was driving past here last night, I saw it with my own eyes this time....a man with his pants pulled down, squatting - no doubt defecating - on the sidewalk. There are so many things wrong with this picture... The real question is...when will something ACTUALLY get done with it? Where is this homeless task force Rahm speaks of?
  • 4714 North Broadway Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    There has been a sunken sewer grate on North Broadway in the south bound lanes just south of Lawrence for more than three years. This has been reported repeatedly to no effect.
  • 1416 W Catalpa Ave Chicago 60640, United States - Andersonville
    5506 n glenwood has been dumping trash and contents of their building in the lot at 1416 W catalpa Ave this is the third time this winter as they clear out the building at 5506 N Glenwood
  • 6131 N Winthrop Ave Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Chicago Ward 48
  • 4720-4736 North Racine Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, United States of America - Chicago Ward 48
    Scooters cannot be parked on the sidewalk. They must be parked on the street like cars.
  • graffiti Archived
    1100-1126 W Leland Ave Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    7 feet high on side of building, alley side
  • 902 W Gunnison St Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48

    No good category for this.

    There has been standing water on the north side of Gunnison near Sheridan since August 2015. If there continues to be standing water this will be a huge problem come mosquito season. It cant be doing any good for the pavement.

    This has bee an issue since they finished the repaving of Gunnison last summer. Sometbing has seri usly messed up the drainage.

  • 5707-5709 North Glenwood Avenue Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Andersonville
    Potholes on alley crosswalk on Glenwood in between Edgewater and Hollywood. Reoccurring.