Alderman Mary Ann Smith

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  • Other Archived
    5954-5998 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Traffic signal button broken on west side of broadway.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    1068 West Argyle Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    The is located on the nw corner of argyle and Winthrop. On Winthrop. Gang related. Please expedite as in close proximity to weekly night market
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    5053 North Sheridan Road Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    The tree outside of 5056 Sheridan needs it's metal grating reworked. It is a safety issue for pedestrians
  • 902 W Gunnison St Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48

    No good category for this.

    There has been standing water on the north side of Gunnison near Sheridan since August 2015. If there continues to be standing water this will be a huge problem come mosquito season. It cant be doing any good for the pavement.

    This has bee an issue since they finished the repaving of Gunnison last summer. Sometbing has seri usly messed up the drainage.

  • 5740-5756 North Ridge Avenue Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Andersonville
    There needs to be at least two garbage cans on Ridge between Clark and Broadway. The street is always littered with trash and people routinely throw trash in my shrubs. It makes the neighborhood look disgusting and unattractive. Without cans the beautiful flower planters become de facto garbage cans defeating the purpose. If we can clean up this section of Edgewater which is high traffic already, perhaps the home values will increase.
  • 1131-1199 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
  • Alley Light Out Acknowledged
    1108 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    All four lights are out underneath the train and in front of the bus stop.
  • 5199 West Foster Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    As I was driving past here last night, I saw it with my own eyes this time....a man with his pants pulled down, squatting - no doubt defecating - on the sidewalk. There are so many things wrong with this picture... The real question is...when will something ACTUALLY get done with it? Where is this homeless task force Rahm speaks of?
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    5406-5408 North Winthrop Avenue Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    The city just put in a new cement pad because the old one was jutting out, and it's already been defaced! I would imagine it wouldn't be too difficult for the city to have the cement workers be nearby at least while the cement is fresh so neighborhood kids (and probably adults) don't deface our shared property. Please come and refill this abomination and this time wait until it dries!!
  • 5505 N Clark St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Andersonville
  • 1123 West Ainslie Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Dumping...2 mattresses and sofa in alley outta frame.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    1200 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Hateful speech on plywood panels at sidewalk on the uptown theater