Alderman Mary Ann Smith

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  • 4815 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Just tiers continues to use the sidewalk as a parking lot. Several times a week during business hours the side walk is completely block hazard for the disabled.
  • 4758 N.Racine Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    Manhole cover sinking in front of BoA branch.
  • 4810 North Broadway Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    This place keeps that @#$% ashtray right next to Crew. Isn't it supposed to be away from restaurants?
  • 5603 N Wayne Ave Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Andersonville
    Flooding at the corner of Bryn Mawr and Wayne
  • 4816 N. Broadway Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    The workers on scaffold were working also last week too. Why is there no permit and and why is owner changeing the color of brick for A LANDMARK?
  • No HEAT Archived
    1210 Elmdale Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 48
    There is still no heat in the Edgewater library for over a week. They don't know why. There is no ETA (estimated time of arrival) of when it will be fixed.
  • 941 West Lawrence Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    Last Monday 6/30/14, the big rain caused water so high in the alley to the west of the building that it came in the back door and ran down the stairs into the basement.
    Can the alley be more deeply grooved in the middle to carry excess water away better? or made lower - it obviously is much higher than it once was.
    Jean Darling
  • 1130 W. Lawrence Ave. Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 48
    LAZ PARKING is NOT doing maintance of the city owned parking lot on Lawrence next to the Red Line CTA station as they are supposed to. The lot is covered with bottles glass and debris. There is litter in the bushes and tree planter on the Lawrence side.
  • Alley Light Out Acknowledged
    941 W Winona St Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Alley light out at 940 W Winona Street on the west side of the property
  • Rotten Tree Acknowledged
    1444-1446 W Olive Ave Chicago, Illinois - Andersonville
    A tree between 1446 & 1444 W Olive is partially rotten and needs to be trimmed. The limbs pictures fell ten seconds before I passed under the tree with my puppy. I received an update today saying this issue has been closed however the tree has not been touched.
  • Other Archived
    941 West Winona Street Chicago, IL 60640, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Water Main Break
  • Other Archived
    1248 West Granville Avenue Chicago, IL 60660, USA - Chicago Ward 48
    Dangerous icy sidewalk